To Have Satanic Pride

To Have Satanic Pride

A devotee of Satan should take pride in themselves as they walk upon this path-His Path! Satan has called out to you, and know that it is an honor to be called by Satan. He chose you. As a Satanist you should do what it takes to be the best that you can be. Take pride in how you work and in your appearance and general hygiene, both physical as well as spiritual. To have Satanic pride is to take responsibility for your actions, words and how you appear as a Satanist. You have to remember that when the outside world looks upon you and judges you that you are representing Satanism to them.

Even if you have to keep the fact that you are a Satanist hidden, for whatever reason, this doesn’t meant that you should slack off. Know that sooner or later, if you want to reveal it or not, that people will find out that you are one of Satan’s own. It is best in such cases to have the upper hand by creating a positive shock value. People will be surprised, even doubt that you’re a Satanist because you are intelligent, polite, helpful and a well put together individual who doesn’t match the negative stereotype (even if you do listen to black metal for instance).

We, as devotees of Satanas, have a responsibility to break the negative view of Satanism.. We should not allow non-Satanists, especially Christians, to dictate to the world, who we are and who Satan. We can do this executed with tact and class. We as Theistic Satanists should prove that we are above the profane pettiness of the masses.

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon.

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravnmoon is an Occult Author who has been in league with the Devil since 1985. She is also a devotional Satanist, Heretical Witch, Diabolical Writer, and Dark Artist. Her works have helped many along the crooked path. She loves to inspire others, with what she shares, through her books, blog, and select social media outlets.

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