Tarot Message For You

Pulled these cards for you today: A door is opening, providing a new beginning for you. A new opportunity and a choice is presented. It branches off on either side, into several different directions. A decision will have to be made. There’s no in between, you must choose one and stick with it.

Cards used are from The Flux Arcana Tarot, by Micah Ulrich.

Reading by Kindra Ravenmoon

Image Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravnmoon is an Occult Author who has been in league with the Devil since 1985. She is also a devotional Satanist, Heretical Witch, Diabolical Writer, and Dark Artist. Her works have helped many along the crooked path. She loves to inspire others, with what she shares, through her books, blog, and select social media outlets.

3 thoughts on “Tarot Message For You

  1. Thanks, Kindra. I hope you are feeling better and will be back on Friday night! This reading was right on for me. I realize that I have to be the hero in my own story. Sounds trite, but it is the absolute truth. No one can save me but myself.

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    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for your concern. I’m doing much better and the biggest bonus is that I got my voice back (:
      Devil’s Coven is definitely happening this Friday. We’re going live at 9 pm eastern time, with a Q & A session. Hope you can make it. Have any questions prepared if you wish, if you don’t got anything to ask, just drop a Hello in the chat (: Glad you enjoyed this reading and that it resonated with you
      Satanic Blessings,
      Kindra Ravenmoon.


      1. I am so glad to hear that you got your voice back! And thanks for letting me know that DC is going to be live at 8 pm my time this Friday! I will be there and be sure to drop a hello, Kindra in the chat! LOL! I love your Lucifer book and have incorporated it into my daily/nightly devotions. I am looking forward to your latest publication! Thanks so much for your reply!

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