Update: Devil’s Coven

For those who are not in the know:

What happened to Devil’s Coven: On the night of Devil’s Coven live Satanic Full Moon, Scrying Ritual, I was blocked out from the system that I have been using to go live or record episodes for the podcast. After sending a complaint report to the platform, I thought this issue got rectified. One week later, I recorded a. special announcement about the new changes for the podcast to come for the new year, but the platform didn’t allow me to upload. In short, they did this as a tactic to get me to upgrade to a higher tier. There are 3 tiers to choose from, I was already contracted to the 2nd tier (yes I paid from my pocket to bring Devil’s Coven to you). I am unable to fit an upgrade into my budget (the Canadian to US dollar exchange makes it quite expensive), plus I didn’t need what that upgrade had to offer. Because I refused to upgrade, the platform blocked me from doing anything further with my podcast so, I deleted it. I was paid up until the 14th of December after that date Devil’s Coven would have been deleted by the platform anyway. I beat them to it. Why leave it linger while they benefit from having it there.

On November 27th 2021, I posted a blog announcing what had happened and how I was planning to bring Devil’s Coven into the new year, on a new platform. With the changes I wanted to make, one being through many requests from many listeners, was having Devil’s Coven as an actual private online virtual coven. I would have had to take time to screen potential members and send out private links for each podcast meeting. After thinking more upon this, I regret making that announcement. I have decided to take it down and retract on my plans for this moving forward. I am quite busy with the work I do in the profane world as a professional tarot and crystal ball consultant and as an author/writer, working on several projects for publish. Please keep in mind that I also suffer from a chronic illness which makes typing and focus quite difficult at times. I decided to reserve my personal energy and time solely for myself and the published work I wish to share,(which includes what I present to you in this blog) rather than lend time and energy to a virtual coven of strangers, with most not holding any care for me, nor actual devotion for Satan. Understand that one of the reasons why I quit producing content on YouTube was so that I could put more valued time into my work and content for this blog and the books I publish.

Speaking of YouTube: in my now removed post from Nov. 27th, I did mention that I wanted to move Devil’s Coven podcast to YouTube. Some of you have lent me suggestions for other platforms as well, one being blog talk radio. This along with every other platform I looked into, does not lend the quality that I had for Devil’s Coven on the previous platform. Also sources such as blog talk, are much more expensive. Taking a free service only permits up to 15min per week, which is far too little for what Devil’s Coven needs, especially with it’s live rituals and events. I did a test run with YouTube the other day and the quality again wasn’t there. With all cases, I would have to give up my intro and background music with sound effects. This is something the previous platform was perfect for, it provided me with a special system to organize everything just right, even with live events. From my test run, YouTube proved to be just as much work as when I was doing videos, if not more, with a poorer quality than what I had on the original platform Devil’s Coven was using.

Classes: I am still considering to give practical virtual classes through zoom at some point in the new year. Space will be limited and you will have to keep up with my Twitter and Instagram to know when this will happen along with all details involved. Classes will be a very small fee (that will be roughly 45 mins of your personal time and attention, nothing more).

I appreciate each and every one of you who have been a sincere and loyal member of Devil’s Coven. I might bring it back full force in the future, maybe I will luck on a deal with the previous platform or find one at the same caliber at a price which suits more my budget. Know that I enjoyed every one of our meetings and had a great time producing content on Devil’s Coven for you. It truly did lend the atmosphere of a Satanic coven’s gathering. I hope to be able to bring this to you again.

*To those who rather whine and bitch about my decision rather than understand my reasoning or respect my wellbeing, I encourage you to create your own private weekly podcast that is a private online coven. Put in your own time and energy into producing it and screening potential members. Know that it is voices as yours why I don’t wish to produce anything extra for mere strangers. I’m here for Satan and for myself, not for you!

Satanic Blessings, Kindra Ravenmoon.

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravenmoon is an occult author and all-around witchy woman. The devil, witchcraft, and folk magic are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. Best known for her books on witchcraft and the occult, her articles have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle,, Spider's Web, Bizarre, and Ninth Gate. Inspiring others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets, she also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, to help people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living. Kindra Ravenmoon is the author of Gems of the Adversary (found on Lulu), Faces of Lucifer (out of print since 2015), Natural Satanic Witchcraft (off the market Jan.2020), Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic (found on Lulu), and "Lucifer a Devotional" (available on Amazon). Residing in Canada she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. Kindra holds degrees in religious studies (Western Esotericism and Related Currents) from the University of Exeter (England) and; in Gemology at the Scandinavian Gem Academy. Having previous involvement within established esoteric organizations, published in various sources, and with close to forty years of practical experience, under her belt, Kindra Ravenmoon has earned her title within the occult and witchcraft today.

6 thoughts on “Update: Devil’s Coven

    1. It is what it is. D.C. had a good run, with weekly episodes for 5 months straight. If the platform didn’t jump in and try to up the year contract I originally signed up for, it would be still running. Well, all importance of what transpired you read in the blog. When it is able to start up again you’ll know. Maybe you or someone else can put in the work and produce a similar podcast coven. why not?
      Satanic Blessings Johnny (:

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  1. I look forward to buying your upcoming books and attending your classes. You have my love, loyalty, and support – always. So sorry to hear of your illness. If there is any way I may be of assistance to you, please send me an email and let me know. Highest Regards and Darkest Blessings to You

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  2. Kindra! I just saw your blog post and felt a strong desire to say this to you as directly as possible. Not only do I accept that I am little more than a stranger on the internet, some glowing pixels you might notice 🙂 but I fully respect your decision and understand your reasoning. I too suffer a chronic illness, so although I don’t know your personal situation, I do have an insight others may not.

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  3. Glad to meet you here. I am sick too with a chronic condition.
    See you again, hugh?
    Hail Satan. May he bestow his help on everybody here.

    From Mimmo with Love.

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