2022 Satanic Landmark (Happy New Year, Dark Blessings)

I know that I am a tad late with this post but either way, just wanted to wish everyone who sees this a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Devil’s road is not an easy path to walk, I admire those of you who have come out from the shadows, openly letting the world know that you are a devotee of Satan. To those who are unable to put themselves out in such a way, I truly understand your reasons. You would think that in this modern age, with ongoing fights for social justice, freedom of speech, and religious rights, that it would be no big deal to publicly claim the title Satanist. Sadly, for those of us who honor and worship the actual Devil for being who He is, a real sentient being, much more than a mere symbol, we are still not acknowledged. Actually, for standing out as being a true Devil Worshipper, we are ridiculed, and attacked, verbally but in some cases physically. Coming out as being an actual Satanist, one risks the loss of a job, friends, and even being shunned by family. Depending on where you live, coming out as a Satanist might even attract unwanted attention from the law. So I applaud those who are able to come out into the open, and I mean really come out. Not those hiding behind a mask and pseudo persona online. But, those who are open as Satanists in both the online and offline world, not hiding their face and who are making a good impression for Satan and Satanists in general. Those of you who have done this, are making more progress for Satanism than you can imagine. You are making a difference and setting the foundation for those who are not able to come out as of yet.

No matter where you are within your Satanism, if you have put yourself out there or are unable to, know that you matter. Satan called you to His path for a reason., honor HIm, forge your way forward. It is up to all Theistic Satanists to make a positive imprint of Satanism in this world, His world. It is up to us, to change how the outside world, how society sees us. Satan, and Satanism, deserves respect and be acknowledged. Know that as a Satanist, how you present yourself both online and off, is how the world will see Satanism and judge Satanists in general. Individual Satanists and Satanic groups, will never all get along, nor should they be expected to, however, as a whole, one thing we all should agree upon, is to strive that Satanism and we as Satanists be taken seriously. Wouldn’t it be an accomplishment if we broke the negative stereotypes and one day when filling out any sort of official paperwork such as a job application, renewing a passport, or something for the government, that in the section where it asks what religion are you, rather than marking “other” that Satanism would be an option?

We need to start with baby steps. What a better year to put the Satanic wheels into motion. 2022 should be seen as one of those years that is a Satanic landmark. Look at the simple numerology of it for example. 2022= 2+0+2+2=6 Now keeping this in mind and thinking of the month of June 2022, on the 6th day of that month would signify 666. The 6th day of the 6th month of the year 2022 equates to 6. Now many of us know that this number stems from the bible’s book of revelations, chapter 13, verse 18 and that the bible, in general, is all political. That 666 is the number to represent the Roman Emperor, Nero Caesar. BUT, considering for a great many years, preachers, musicians, filmmakers, and etc. have mistakenly taken 666 to mean Satan’s number, the number which all claimed by Satan will bear! It has become sort of a Satanic nostalgia. Okay, a stereotype but not that much of a bad one. Many modern Satanists have embraced 666 along with the regular inverted cross (thanks to black metal and horror film), which again most of us know the origin has nothing to do with Satan. The true Satanic symbol of blasphemy against the church would be the actual crucifix -but that’s another story altogether. The point I’m trying to make is that why not embrace this year as one of the Satanic landmarks in calendar history and make it a starting point to set serious goals to putting Satan and Satanism under a positive light in a world that only sees darkness upon us. 

Hope that everyone reading this has had a wonderful holiday season, also a very Satanic one as well. The above is just to lend some food for thought, something to play around with or be amused by. Enjoy! May Lucifer’s Light shine upon your 2022.

Satanic Blessings, Kindra Ravenmoon.


Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravenmoon is an esoteric writer and witch. She is the author of Gems of the Adversary, Faces of Lucifer, Natural Satanic Witchcraft, Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic, Lucifer a Devotional, and Gems of the Adversary (Revised edition) A Witch & Warlock’s Guide to Working with Crystals and Other Treasures of The Earth. The devil, witchcraft, and folk magic are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. Best known for her books on witchcraft and the occult, her interviews and articles have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle, Spider's Web, Bizarre, Brutalism, Elle Magazine Quebec, Alt. Fashion UK, Bizarre Girls UK, Embracing the Darkness, Metal Queens Black Metal Edition, Vamperotika, Noir Fatale, Dark Romance Gothic, Devolution UK, Old Nick, Queens of Scream The New Blood, Dark Spy, Cemetery Gates, and Ninth Gate. Kindra inspires others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets. She also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, helping people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living. Residing in Canada she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. To know more, visit her website at kindraravemoon.com

11 thoughts on “2022 Satanic Landmark (Happy New Year, Dark Blessings)

  1. I loved what you wrote and rebloged it to my page, You have so much insight and i always love what you write, i have so much respect for you and appreciate you so much, you are a shining example to us all.

    darkblessings, james, aka darkraven

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    1. Hail James! Thank you again. I added your site to my recommended page. I highly appreciate that you like my posts enough to share them. Thank you so much for all your kind words. It means a lot to me that my content is beneficial to you and others.
      Satanic Blessings.


  2. I enjoyed this as I do all of your writings. I’m proudly walking the Devil’s path and don’t hide it, but I don’t flaunt it either. It’s just an important part of who I am. Ave Satanas.

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  3. Happy New Year, Kindra! I’m inspired by your paragraph on the numerology of 666. I will be using 6th June of this year for serious goal-setting. I do like the opening quote you chose, too. I believe we can shine even more powerfully when we win over adversity. In fact, we can “use” adversity to become stronger and better people. Life’s challenges definitely test our devotion to His Satanic Majesty. It’s far too easy to practice Satanism when everything is going well. SURGAMUS TECUM, O SATANAS! (=Let us RISE with you, Satan!)

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    1. Happy New Year Titus! I’ve been wanting to email you but didn’t want to disturb you, I know you can get as busy as I. Please whenever you can, email me an update, if you’ve anything to share (: So glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for sharing your words. You are absolutely right, we need adversity in order to grow and become. Yes, June 6th would be a great day to set a specific Satanic ritual, goal setting, or for an initiation/dedication ritual, for those who are ready to take that step and haven’t yet.
      Ave Satanas!


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