Is Satanism Racism?

Overall my years as a Satanist and author, I never thought that I would be presenting a blog article like I am offering to you today. I never felt it would be necessary, especially with how much more inclusive the world appears to be in this modern age, but sadly it is.

Back in the early 2000s, when the online occult was just awakening, Satanists began to congregate in online forums and chat groups. Just as in the Facebook groups today, it didn’t take long before egos inflated and clashed, with most everybody wanting to become a “Satanic Leader.” Henceforth, Satanic “elitism” began to sprout. Now, I, myself, in the past, have been guilty of titling as an elitist, but by no means did I, or most people sporting such a title, mean it to refer to bigotry towards any ethnic minority. To be “elite” meant to set oneself apart from and above the mundane herd, the conformists. This mindset is from the influence of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible and the Church of Satan (more on LaVey later). Unfortunately, a small handful of Satanists, and those claiming the title, also claimed to be not only elitists but the Satanic Elite. This minority of Satanists cherry-picked the Satanic Bible added with various occult writings and rehashed what influenced them into a Satanic form of National Socialism, no different from the Christian National Socialist view but under the umbrella of Satanism.

Keep in mind, that even though some of these groups are established, running strong still today, and claim to be Theistic Satanists, they are not in it for Satan, nor do their politics have any place in Satanism. Many either running or are members in such Satanic hate groups are Christian National Socialists. As they did then, they still use the allure of Satanism to gain members to set forward their political agenda. Sound familiar?

Politics should NEVER be a part of Theistic Satanism. It should be left out and set aside from our religion. Each individual has the right to vote for whoever they wish and hold whatever views they want, as long as they are not outright hurting anyone in any which way or form. To be inclusive and open-minded is what we all should be and strive to be. Political views should never be brought into Satanic groups or presented at Satan’s Altar. When politics are incorporated, it becomes about that and not about Satan. When racism and bigotry of any kind infiltrate the Satanic realms, those communities are no longer about Satanism and become a breeding ground of hate and deceit.

Why am I writing about all of this?
In recent days of this writing, several Satanists, have brought to my attention racist commentary and outright personal attacks happening in various Satanic groups. One of these attacks was upon a friend who was part of a Facebook group that I had recently left-prior any of what transpired. My friend was attacked by another member of the group, who is the leader of a growing Satanic organization. All she did was question the name of his organization because it is a name that holds a rooted history from the Nazi era of Germany’s jaded past. Rather than consider what she had to disclose on the topic, or take in what she was enlightening both he and the group with, this person called her ignorant. My friend is Jewish and also an occultist. She is well educated on the matter, especially considering that the society associated with that Satanic organization’s name, was a Nazi group that almost wiped out her bloodline. My friend always held a polite tone, never used profanity or racial slurs when addressing the group, and that Satanic org’s leader. In turn, she was blocked by the Satanic “leader” and the group disrespected, mocked, and gaslighted her. I am not just taking my friend’s word on this outrageous racist attack upon her, several screenshots from the before and after, of all that transpired were shared with me in private. A few involved in the said group felt that they needed this to be exposed and turned to me.

During this time, another friend informed me how she had been band, for standing up against racism in another Satanic Facebook group, with nobody in that group voicing out with her. Aside from my friend, the group chose to remain silent while its leader spewed that she will never allow anyone black in the group because black people are Christian and can never be Satanists. This same person also stated to prove her point, that there are no black people in heavy metal. Really? In the screenshots I was shown, this “leader” was posting images from Solomonic grimoires, claiming them to be ancient Satanic symbols and saying that a black person would never understand those “Satanic” symbols. Obviously, that ignorant maggot doesn’t understand the symbols she’s posted either Lol!

All of this is only a drop in the massive ocean of ignorance and hate floating around the Satanist and LHP Occult realms online also sadly some in the offline world as well.
Many of these hate-preaching groups and individuals who outright attack others who do not fit into their anti-Semitic and other racist views, for whatever reason, like to base their Theistic Satanic practices upon the teachings of Anton Szandor LaVey, especially from what he has written in his Satanic Bible.

Here’s a Shocker for the anti-Semites:

Anton LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey) (April 11 1930-October 29th 1997) had Jewish blood.
-Some of these racist Satanic groups, influenced by LaVey, like to copy his lingo and use Shemhamforash in their rituals. This is not only a phrase that is very anti-Satan, it is a term used to describe the hidden name of God in Kabbalah. Originally Tannaitic but includes Christian and Hermetic variants with even some more mainstream Jewish discourses according to what I have found in a quick Google search. Either way, it is a term that any racist probably would feel stupid for using, once they have discovered its origin. Anton LaVey did not only have Jewish blood but he also was not racist in any way so, of course, LaVey had no problem incorporating this into his Satanic Bible.

In Conclusion:
Satanism is universal, it has no cultural roots. Satanists are free to incorporate anything from anywhere, that will help them to learn, grow, be strong, and enhance their life upon the Satanic current. You can stem from any ethnic background, be any gender or nongender, and branched off from any religion and choose to become a Satanist. If we are to look back again at Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan, LaVey accepted all walks of life and had initiated all walks as Satanists. I use LaVey as an example because the majority of these racist groups, base their practice on his teachings. LaVey’s teachings did not discriminate against any ethnic group or minority.

There is no superior race. There are superior individuals though. Superior to those who chose to stay ignorant. We can say that true Satanists and real Satanism are superior or should be superior in mind., for it is not only inclusive, but it also strives to educate itself with individual Satanists striving to be free of all the negative stereotypes put upon Satanists by media and opposing religions. Online racists, calling themselves Satanists, who attack behind a screen, using their keyboards as their cowardly weapons, certainly are not helping Satanism to be taken seriously. Such racist Satanic groups are only feeding into the negative stereotype of how Satanists are perceived by the outside world. They also are making it all about them and their agenda to gain either popularity, profit, or both. They are steering everyone involved, their members and their victims, away from Satan!
Satanism, especially Theistic Satanism, should be all about Satan and the personal connection each individual Satanist has with Him.

Racist hate and hate in general stems from insecure individuals who don’t know their true selves. They need to build up a persona for themselves, a mask. Such people rarely act on their own, they need the comfort of a group, either of like-minded individuals or those whom they feel they can manipulate and poison with their negative ideology. They like to “herd” now how unsatanic is that. Their hate is spawned from fear, a lack of understanding, their inability to comprehend, and their refusal to expand their minds enough to educate themselves on a matter without being self-defensive. They rather cling to their delusions than admit they were wrong or think before acting.
Real Satanists are in it for Satan and do not waste personal energy on something as pathetic as hate. There is no logic nor justification for racial slurs, verbal or physical attack, or using offensive titles to appear edgy. No logic in trying to make Satanism a one-race religion. Such actions are not of Satan.

To those discriminatory racist Satanists who have a problem with skin shades other than white, did you even realize that Satan the Devil, is often referred to as the “Black Man” or the “Man in Black” and throughout Western European folklore He is described as having the blackest skin? There is so much more I could add but typing all which I have presented herein has been taxing on my pained fingers, so I will leave you this final thought;
Satan accepts everyone willing to face Him. Anyone who sincerely comes to His Altar. If anyone really knows what it is like to be discriminated against, it’s Satan.

*To quote T.C. Downey, in his video “I Want You To Hate Me” posted June 13th, 2010

“You don’t hate, because if you do hate, chances are, you’re on the wrong side of the coin”

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravenmoon writes on witchcraft and related occult topics. She is the author of Gems of the Adversary, Faces of Lucifer, Natural Satanic Witchcraft, Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic, Lucifer a Devotional, and A Witch & Warlock’s Guide to Working with Crystals and Other Treasures of The Earth (Gems of the Adversary revised). The devil, witchcraft, and folklore are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. An author best known for her books on the darker nature of witchcraft, her interviews and articles have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle, Spider's Web, Bizarre, Brutalism, Elle Magazine Quebec, Alt. Fashion UK, Bizarre Girls UK, Embracing the Darkness, Metal Queens Black Metal Edition, Vamperotika, Noir Fatale, Dark Romance Gothic, Devolution UK, Old Nick, Queens of Scream The New Blood, Dark Spy, Cemetery Gates, Ninth Gate,, just to name a few. Kindra likes to inspire others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets. She also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, helping people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living. Residing in Canada she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. To know more, visit her website at and find her on Twitter and Instagram.

19 thoughts on “Is Satanism Racism?

  1. This is sadly true and well said Kindra. Its disgusting how these people claiming to be satanist behave in the online community it makes our religion look bad. The fact how theres been racism going on in the satanic online community lately. Its why I dont rely on so called satanic groups. Its all about them and their group numbers, not about satan. Thats true satan is seeing as a black man I see satan like that too. Stupid people 😂

    Satanic blessings Kindra🖤🖤🖤

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    1. I agree and is so sad, that people think in such shallow ways to think that its on a physical plane, for to me one is looking at a spiritual realm and as such none of this shit matters, for it doesnt exist, like energies have no, race, color and such. only those with a narrow mind think in such ways.

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      1. Yea too much narrow minded people that just want popularity and making their group look good when thats not what theistic satanism is all about

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    2. Thanks for reading this ArcaneShadowWorlf. Glad you liked it and thanks for sharing your commentary. It’s sad that after all these years online that Satanism hasn’t progressed from this narrow-minded negativity.
      Satanic Blessings,


  2. Hey Kindra, Othaos here! Just wanted to say: “all she did was question the name of his organization because it is a name that holds a rooted history from the Nazi era of Germany’s jaded past” – I am a mixed race person who has read a fair bit about esoteric Nazism, and I had this concern *instantly* re: a group that I am almost positive is the one you are talking about here. That + them seemingly advocating several things that I find unacceptable as a feminist (anti-choice, anti-trans) was why I probably seemed leery about the whole thing when we talked about it on Twitter.
    When someone mentions a group with a name like that, I get on my guard because I can’t tell if the person doesn’t know the connotations of the apparent esoteric-Nazi-shout-out, or doesn’t know that I’m mixed race (and might have a problem if they found out), and it’s awkward to ask questions to figure out such a situation. I therefore wanted to put in a word of support to you re: It’s a huge relief to me to hear that you feel the way you have expressed here! I too am fed-up with people ruining Satanism with hate and related bullshit, as such peoples’ making Satanism seem “inherently right-wing” are a big factor regarding why I feel the need to be as “in the closet” about my religion amongst left-dominated workplace, friend circle, etc. as I am. So thanks again for a great post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading, glad you could relate to this read. Many of these groups, appear great on the surface but have an inner circle of hate that sometimes members found out about after a few years of being committed to the group and initiated within it. The sneakiness is worst than being able to see what it is upfront. But, the fact that such discrimination and hate still exists in Satanism is beyond comprehension.
      Thanks for sharing, continue being strong and being yourself.
      Satanic Blessings,

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  3. You’re absolutely right. Anyhow, Satan doesn’t give a damn what our ethnicity is. It’s all about our INTENT when we worship His Satanic Majesty that counts and how we behave and treat our fellow Satanists. Satan finds us all beautiful and unique, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, sexuality. AVE SATANAS!

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  4. Hello,

    I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in here. I can really appreciate your sentiment and I would defend my friend also. There are so many truths both intentional and possibly unintentionally in your article here.

    The one I’ll talk about is the Satanic Elite. We who bare the Devil’s mantle, are charged to become elite. It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist playing devil-dress-up or a devout theist. There are many shades between, no question. However from the moment you choose that path, you assume the war-cry “Non Servium” . No longer should you serve ideologies that would hold you prisoner to the Magian Logos.

    The second ANY rule/law/philosophy/ideology leads you into bondage, you’re tasked to rebuke it and break the chains.

    We chose this path to forge ourselves independent of herd think. We chose to stand head and shoulders above in defiance.

    I loathe 95% of this planet’s populous. I do so not because of race/gender/sexuality/path or other trivial measures, but because they are born from ignorance and breed into the stupidity. Instead of calling out what should not be stood for, they perpetuate it.

    Anyway as always, I enjoyed the article thank you for standing up!

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I highly appreciate your input, and do agree.
      I am glad that you appreciated this read (:

      I think you love humanity more than I, the percent of its populous that I accept is a tad lower Lol!
      If the human race were to be eradicated tomorrow, this planet will survive and thrive. We are the only species who is fully aware that we are destroying the source of our physical existence and yet we continue to do so.

      In this piece, I was trying to stay on topic. But it was tempting to include something on how the majority who self-title as Satanist, who continuously brag about being set a part from the herd, that they are wolves not sheep, are the ones who strive to join a group. These are the “Satanists” who either want to gather a group so to lead it or herd into one, be it a FB group or official organization. They want to follow rules or create rules to confine themselves to the group’s mindset. These are the people shouting, we’re lone wolves! Lol!

      When you think about the lone wolf title many online Satanists like to claim, is so taken out of context. A lone wolf is a young wolf who when the time is right, leaves the pack family, to find a mate and create a pack of it’s own. The lone wolf is in search to create or become part of a pack. he is also weak without a pack, not very Satanic. In my opinion, the serpent, especially a viper, would be a better choice for those Satanists who feel they need some sort of animal totem to define themselves.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share, I appreciate also that you are enjoying my blog in general. I love the insight and inspiration obtained through watching/listening, to your videos and your blog Rocks!

      Darkest Blessings,

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      1. You are very Welcome Kindra! I will be sharing more of your articles soon! I am 72, and just Came to Satan approx 11 months ago! Better late than never, so they say!

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  5. grimoramniighttide, I am honored that you appreciate my offerings enough to share them. It’s wonderful that it is your time to find this wonderful path. I don’t believe that you are late to the party, but rather, you came when it was the right time for you. I feel that the Devil, has always been with you, in varying forms, and His mysteries revealed to you in various ways. Now it is time for you to know Him under this light. Glad to meet you here (:
    Satanic Blessings.

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  6. Thank you so much for the response Kindra! I am learning so much! I am thinking about possibly tackling Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine! I purchased a 1925 reprint many years ago. It is very long, and includeds both volumes, and the pages are almost bible paper thin! I may bug you with questions from time to time! Many Satanic Blessings to you too Kindra! Hail Lord God Satan!

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    1. That’s a great find, the book nerd in me is very excited about you obtaining that volume. Just know that what Blavatsky and her organization taught is not LHP, so it’s certainly not Satanism or to be confused with Satanic practice. However, it’s a great source to dive into, when it comes to learning occultism and what has influenced the occult as we know it today. Many magical Orders have taken influence from those teachings. It is wonderful to learn from all sources, especially those from classic occultists.
      Satanic Blessings, AVE SATANAS!


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