Join Me On Devil’s Disciples

I’m honored to be invited to join Anima Noira for coffee, and discuss Theistic Satanism and Witchcraft, this upcoming Wednesday, March 16th, at 11 am. We will be delving into the topic as presented in my forthcoming book and addressing your questions in the live chat.

If you’re not already, I highly recommend subscribing to Anima Noira’s YouTube channel, so to keep informed on other occult themed interviews, lessons in magick and much more.

Here is the link to set the reminder and join us this Wednesday, I’m looking forward to answering your questions there and then. I welcome you to share this link to the event. Let’s fill the chat with Theistic Satanists, the devotees of Satanas-AVE!

(photo of me by Mario of Fotovation)

Kindra Ravenmoon.

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravenmoon is an occult author and all-around witchy woman. The devil, witchcraft, and folk magic are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. Best known for her books on witchcraft and the occult, her articles have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle,, Spider's Web, Bizarre, and Ninth Gate. Inspiring others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets, she also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, to help people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living. Kindra Ravenmoon is the author of Gems of the Adversary (found on Lulu), Faces of Lucifer (out of print since 2015), Natural Satanic Witchcraft (off the market Jan.2020), Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic (found on Lulu), and "Lucifer a Devotional" (available on Amazon). Residing in Canada she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. Kindra holds degrees in religious studies (Western Esotericism and Related Currents) from the University of Exeter (England) and; in Gemology at the Scandinavian Gem Academy. Having previous involvement within established esoteric organizations, published in various sources, and with close to forty years of practical experience, under her belt, Kindra Ravenmoon has earned her title within the occult and witchcraft today.

12 thoughts on “Join Me On Devil’s Disciples

  1. Anima Noira made an excellent choice in inviting you to discuss Theistic Satanism. Who is better than you to talk about this topic?! 🙂 It will be an amazing dialogue between the two of you, I know it. Looking forward to it. AVE SATANAS!

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    1. Titus! Thank you! I just finished responding to your email and sent you the link to this event. Glad to know that you caught it here first. Thank you so very much for your kind words. As always, I appreciate your support, friendship, and encouragement.
      Satanic Blessings brother,
      Kindra Ravenmoon.


    1. Thanks for your support and appreciation. I hope that you can make it to this event when it is live, if you can’t, though, know that the replay will always be there. This upcoming week, I’ll be posting another blog, maybe 2.
      Satanic Blessings,
      Kindra Ravenmoon.


  2. Kindra, you are so beautiful, and you make such a great model. Such a sweet gal too, and smart. I am a student of all things metaphysical, religious and paranormal, and have learned a lot from you.

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      1. Thanks. I had some wine yesterday. I get sociable with wine. I was browsing and thought I would see what you are up to. I see you deleted or unlisted your YouTube channel. I hope everything works out.

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  3. @Albert – I have a dislike for that platform. I deleted my YouTube channel over a year ago. If you’re talking about the new one I created that had no uploads to it, that was an inactive channel and meant just to display links to where to purchase my books or follow me on social media. I also used it to like and comment on other people’s videos. I don’t visit YouTube often and after finding that bots linked to that inactive channel and YouTube put me as being subscribed to channels that obviously paid for subscribers, I got rid of that profile/channel. I can still watch videos just no longer will be able to comment or like stuff but that’s fine with me. I don’t plan on ever creating another YouTube channel for any purpose anyways. In the near future, I plan on trying to go live now and then on Instagram or look into uploading some videos on this website.


    1. Hi. I didn’t know that YouTube can put people being subscribed to channels without their consent. This is very unethical on their part. Also, you can privatize your subscriptions so no one sees them; and of course you can close all comments in order to prevents bots and human drama. You are free to do whatever you want, and I respect that. I don’t blame you for your choice, because YouTube can be a very negative and toxic-ridden community. I think you are at a higher level and beyond petty human immaturity and the games people like to play.

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      1. I’m not sure if YouTube is 100% behind it but they must know about it. All social media platforms have services, either directly or indirectly related to them, that see followers/subscribers in order to grow one’s profile. This is the only reason why some channels are as big as they are. They never started from point zero. The subscribers/followers have to come from somewhere. I good percentage is made up of bot accounts but a larger percentage is from unsuspecting profiles. When I was much younger, I worked for a company that used to monitor such activities. After a while of working there, I found out that the same company’s other branch of that same company I worked for, was one of the companies selling followers on social media platforms. Oh, I had everything private, but that didn’t prevent this from happening. It’s a good thing that I checked after noticing that the number of channels I was subscribed to was considerably higher than it should have been. I never was one to sub many channels. Thank you and true I am. Most people don’t have an actual life outside the virtual realms. I am rarely in the virtual and quite active in the real world Lol! As with most social media platforms, I find YouTube to be a dead source. The only thing worse (sadly more active for the wrong reasons) is Tik Tok Lol! I never planned on making any more videos on YouTube anyway so keeping an empty channel just so that I could support others with likes and comments, was pointless.


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