Join Me On Devil’s Disciples

I’m honored to be invited to join Anima Noira for coffee, and discuss Theistic Satanism and Witchcraft, this upcoming Wednesday, March 16th, at 11 am. We will be delving into the topic as presented in my forthcoming book and addressing your questions in the live chat.

If you’re not already, I highly recommend subscribing to Anima Noira’s YouTube channel, so to keep informed on other occult themed interviews, lessons in magick and much more.

Here is the link to set the reminder and join us this Wednesday, I’m looking forward to answering your questions there and then. I welcome you to share this link to the event. Let’s fill the chat with Theistic Satanists, the devotees of Satanas-AVE!

(photo of me by Mario of Fotovation)

Kindra Ravenmoon.

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravnmoon is an Occult Author who has been in league with the Devil since 1985. She is also a devotional Satanist, Heretical Witch, Diabolical Writer, and Dark Artist. Her works have helped many along the crooked path. She loves to inspire others, with what she shares, through her books, blog, and select social media outlets.

6 thoughts on “Join Me On Devil’s Disciples

  1. Anima Noira made an excellent choice in inviting you to discuss Theistic Satanism. Who is better than you to talk about this topic?! 🙂 It will be an amazing dialogue between the two of you, I know it. Looking forward to it. AVE SATANAS!

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    1. Titus! Thank you! I just finished responding to your email and sent you the link to this event. Glad to know that you caught it here first. Thank you so very much for your kind words. As always, I appreciate your support, friendship, and encouragement.
      Satanic Blessings brother,
      Kindra Ravenmoon.


    1. Thanks for your support and appreciation. I hope that you can make it to this event when it is live, if you can’t, though, know that the replay will always be there. This upcoming week, I’ll be posting another blog, maybe 2.
      Satanic Blessings,
      Kindra Ravenmoon.


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