Devil’s Disciples-Kink and Magick

My last appearance on Devil’s Disciples for the summer. Don’t worry, I’ll be back making monthly appearances, joining Anima Noira again in the fall.

I have spent a fun and lucrative part of my life working as a professional Dominatrix- It’s not what you think or might expect. In this Devil’s Disciples episode I will shed light upon the misconceptions commercialism has sensationalized about working in this field or living this lifestyle. Also, Anima Noira and I will share our experiences and how all this ties into the occult and magic.

*Devil’s Disciples Anima Noira and Kindra Ravenmoon will speak of the Path of Sinister Eroticism, Kindra’s former experience as a professional Dominatrix, kink, and magic, and our shared experience of BDSM lifestyle and how it bleeds into magick. / Wednesday 9 AM Pacific/ 12 PM Eastern. Subscribe, hit the notification and reminder for this show. Join Us!

*Cover Photo Model + Copyright Anima Noira

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravnmoon is an Occult Author who has been in league with the Devil since 1985. She is also a devotional Satanist, Heretical Witch, Diabolical Writer, and Dark Artist. Her works have helped many along the crooked path. She loves to inspire others, with what she shares, through her books, blog, and select social media outlets.

6 thoughts on “Devil’s Disciples-Kink and Magick

  1. While I haven’t had many chances to get back into the profession, I have channeled being a Dominatrix in Second Life. I still practice my whipcraft and such.

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    1. Raven, this is something that is way in my past and was only 1 fraction of my life. I feel that when I left that profession back at the end of 2006 that it was a good time to get out. Thanks to commercialism making anything fetish a fashion, along with Hollywood film, many jumped into it without having a clue what the real deal is. All this made it into a fashion show with too many egos bashing. Many also came into it simply just to hurt others throwing respect and confidence out the door. Honestly, I would not feel safe doing this today outside of a private relationship. I believe that you were one in a past life maybe several.


      1. Fifty Shades of Grey is mostly why I semi-retired from the practice as it put the profession and the pleasurable experience in a bad light. I always worked discreetly and only advertised on a bulletin board in a LGBT bar when I was still in Lexington.

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  2. Oh, my gods-that movie! I always said it was an edgy excuse to put a trashy romance novel on film Lol! I don’t blame you for going underground after that thing was released. That movie magnetized so many unsavory types and those who are not meant for the lifestyle into the scene. You’re smart sister (:

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