Happy New Year

2023’s energy started on a heavy note, with the first full moon of the year falling right within its first week. January’s full moon, commonly known as the wolf moon, represents the perfect balance of light and dark energies combined. This past Friday, when the moon was at its peak, if you hadn’t taken time to connect with it, I encourage you to do so this upcoming week. We are still in alignment with the intense energy leftover from the wolf moon, even more so now that we are in its waning stage. This interval, still ripe from ringing in the new year, combined with the powerful esoteric frequency surrounding the moon, is an ideal period for deep reflection and contemplation.

*Assess 2022, your accomplishments, failures, where you could have done better, and where you know you’ve done your best no matter the outcome.
*Take note of what you have let go of or what you know now no longer serves you. Ask yourself if there is anything else you need to leave behind so that you may move forward.
*Set your goals for 2023 or at least the next three months. Be realistic.
*Try to connect with your True Will.
*Look within and find your authentic self.
These are not easy tasks, but who said this moon is easy? Knowing who you are, what your limits are, establishing your boundaries, and being true to yourself now; will strengthen you for what 2023 has in store.

What 2023 holds in store for me and this website:

As most of you know, I have removed my most recent book, “Lucifer a Devotional”; from Amazon; due to it addresses a specific, cult-minded audience that I have stepped away from and no longer will cater to. I might rework it; to be incorporated into something entirely different. I plan to put out in the distant future. I have a few new publications lined up for release in the following months. Aside from a few booklets I plan to put through Amazon, my forthcoming books; will be published through a traditional publisher. I have made some changes in the direction of my writing, with my approach, subject material, and the quality of readership I wish to attract. This blog will be, to some extent, a reflection of that. 2023; will bring to this website; more blogs covering various folklore, superstition, and maybe a few personal experiences shared. I’m not sure, but I might upload short clips or create a podcast for this website. Writing books for publish holds priority, but who knows what the dark half of the year will bring. It is a thought for the distant future of this site.

To my readers, I bid you a very Happy New Year. I wish that 2023 brings you all the best in all your endeavors. May they serve to your benefit. Much Love & Diverse Blessings!

Kindra Ravenmoon.

Published by Kindra Ravenmoon

Kindra Ravenmoon writes on witchcraft and related occult topics. She is the author of Gems of the Adversary, Faces of Lucifer, Natural Satanic Witchcraft, Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic, Lucifer a Devotional, and A Witch & Warlock’s Guide to Working with Crystals and Other Treasures of The Earth (Gems of the Adversary revised). The devil, witchcraft, and folklore are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. An author best known for her books on the darker nature of witchcraft, her interviews and articles have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle, Spider's Web, Bizarre, Brutalism, Elle Magazine Quebec, Alt. Fashion UK, Bizarre Girls UK, Embracing the Darkness, Metal Queens Black Metal Edition, Vamperotika, Noir Fatale, Dark Romance Gothic, Devolution UK, Old Nick, Queens of Scream The New Blood, Dark Spy, Cemetery Gates, Ninth Gate,, just to name a few. Kindra likes to inspire others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets. She also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, helping people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living. Residing in Canada she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons.

20 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi. I love the wolf and moon pictures. In October I saw a creature that looked like a wolf in my neighborhood, under an amazing moon. I’ve seen him before a few times, but I can’t determine if he is an actual wolf, or someones pet dog that looks like a wolf. It was an amazing sight, as I was walking home after looking at my neighbors Halloween decorations, and I saw the amazing, bright moon, and this wolf creature. Maybe it’s a werewolf. I try to keep an open mind. My friends sister saw a werewolf about thirteen miles from here many years ago. We made it to 2023 with a relatively easy transition. I hope things go well for us this year. We’ve all suffered a lot, and we could use a break.

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  2. I probably should have said that my friends sister claims to have seen a werewolf. I don’t want to appear gullible. In all probability the beast I’ve seen here locally is a dog, but it looks a lot like a wolf, and it’s never accompanied by any humans. It just runs freely with no leash. I am open minded and like to think outside the box.

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    1. Happy New Year Albert! Glad you liked the images I chose. Thanks for sharing, so much is fascinating when it comes to full moon nights. Myth, lore, and superstition always race through the mind. Interesting about that dog/wolf-like creature you keep seeing. Maybe it’s a coyote? They are very dog-like with a wolf-like appearance. It would explain why it’s running free with no human along with it.
      Many Blessings!


  3. Thank you kindra and may this 2023 year be the best for you too. I have a lot in mind this year. Im looking forward for you upcoming books and watching your live short clips and an awesome podcast, im glad your getting back into that kindra🖤😈🤘🏻

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    1. Happy New Year’s Blessings, ArcaneShadowWolf. Thanks for dropping in. I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll be able to execute video or podcast on this site, or this year but it is a thought towards when we hit the dark half of the year. I will be looking into what I am able to add directly to this site and what equipment I’ll be able to obtain so to be able to do any of it. At worst I might open a private YouTube channel and provide a link that only subscribers to my website can access. If I go back to YouTube for that, I don’t want my content accessible to the general public. Or I’ll create a Patreon with 1 fixed low cost for anyone who wishes to support what I do by becoming a member to my podcast The possibilities are endless, it’s all a matter of the time and capability I have. Like I said the books I’m writing are priority. (so is my life offline lol). Whatever I end up doing, I’m sure that you will not be disappointed (:
      Darkest Blessings!

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      1. Patreon sounds awesome kindra and i’ll gladly support you if u plan on making patreon. Yes i agree its best to only allow your website subscribers to only enter into your private youtube so that your content doesnt get stolen from other wanna be magicians that have no occult knowledge at all and yea knowledge comes from within too. Just do what you gotta do kindra and no rush, take your time.

        Darkest blessings to you too🖤😈

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    2. (in response to your comment reply below)
      Thanks for your continued support ArcaneShadowWolf (:

      It’s not that I fear anyone stealing from the podcast or short clips I plan to do in the future. I won’t be presenting much that anyone could or would want to “borrow” from lol! Also, I do know that there are a few subscribers of this site that are those who I have blocked on my social media outlets. As the saying goes, your haters are your biggest fans LMAO!

      I simply, just don’t want the podcast or video I might produce through YouTube to be available to the general public. I’m not out to be a social media star lol! Also, I want what I share to be, as much as possible, only to those who hold a sincere curiosity or interest in my work. Also, those who are sincere in learning or might already be in practice in witchcraft and the occult in general. It’s the general YouTuber that grabs concepts from those who are authentic, then rehash what grabs their interest and makes it into something it is not, fluffy and bs. Real magicians and witches do not do this and most don’t even take the time to bother about what others are doing, they don’t need to check other people’s videos to grab concepts, they already know what it is they are talking about and what they want to present and to who. The occult and witchcraft are not comprehended properly by everyone nor should they be for everyone in my opinion. And as you know, I hold a strong opinion on that Lol!

      Now if I do a Patreon sometime in the future, I will know who sincerely supports me also who is curious enough about what I am doing to want to pay into a membership. Seriously I would make all tiers the same price, the lowest that platform allows, which I think is a dollar. If I have to put varying prices it won’t go higher than $5. Seriously, if I take that route, I’ll be sharing very short clips or it’ll just be to gain access to my podcast. Will see. I’m contemplating ideas. My main focus is to find a solution so that I can create short clips to present on this website. That would be ideal. If I have to do that through YouTube then that’s where the private channel comes into play and if so, then I’ll take it from there.

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  4. Thank You for the update on your work. I would love to read your input and wisdom on anything Traditional Witchcraft related, if it’s in a physical book then all the better!
    I very much agree on the visible Satanic groups. They seem to have become just as dogmatic and preachy as the mainstream religions.

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    1. Happy New Year Leonora! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciated your interest in my work and yes some of what I will be having published is in the vein of traditional witchcraft and I plan on blogging about it in the near future. Just to lend an outline and share a bit of my experience and take on it. Sadly theistic Satanism online has always been this way, only now it has become more evident that it is a religious cult. This is something I will eventually be writing a book about and might post a blog on, so only to warn others. I want those who revere the devil as Satan, to realize that they don’t need to title as a theistic Satanist, follow any religion or join a cult in order to do so.
      May 2023 be a great one for you (:
      Darkest Blessings!


  5. This is what I like about you, you’re always moving forward, opening up new horizons and paths to expand not just yours but our devotional practice to the Devil/Satan. Wishing you the very best for all your projects for 2023!! AVE SATANAS!

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  6. Thanks for the comment. The creature I’ve seen is definitely not a coyote. I used to live in the wilderness and saw lots of coyotes. Something I failed to mention is that when I was looking at Halloween decorations across the street, I was recording it, because I was going to make a video about it, but I never did. In the recording I said, “The only thing that’s missing is the proverbial wolf howl.” I was going to add a wolf howl special affect to the video. Then I walked across the street and saw this wolf looking animal near my home in the parking lot. The synchronicity is amazing.

    I talked to my friend today, and I guess his sister claims to have seen werewolf a couple times in the same location, many years ago. He said she saw it in a building, it was dripping blood from it’s mouth (she even heard the blood dripping and hitting the floor), and it jumped through a wall. This was definitely a supernatural creature.

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    1. Freaky! About what your friend’s sister saw and experienced. Interesting if that wolf creature isn’t a coyote and odd if it’s a wolf-dog breed running loose without its owner nearby. Well as long as it doesn’t attack you, that’s good (:


  7. Hello Kindra,

    I really appreciate the 2023 “assessment/self-evaluation” that applies to anyone no matter their Path. *Most importantly, I’m especially grateful as to your opinion as to the core of Theistic Satanism.

    You mentioned this previously on another media source, which I took to heart. *Since then, I’ve referred myself as a Devil Worshipper which resonates more of whom I am, and what I want to accomplish.

    Best Regards,


    1. Happy New Year Robert!
      Thanks for stopping in and for sharing. I am glad that you appreciate my suggestion. I find an assessment of self to be more valuable than making new year’s resolutions.
      I’m glad that my evaluation of, and strong opinion on theistic Satanism has had a positive influence on you (: I feel that you will accomplish much now that you stopped linking to that title and all the baggage it brings to the table.
      May 2023 be a great one for you (:
      Darkest Blessings!


  8. I hope my talk about werewolves wasn’t off topic. I like those photos here, and it led to that discussion. I resonate with the moon and wolves. They are two of my favorites things in our solar system. I resonate with certain things in nature, like the moon, thunder and lightning, fog, wolves, owls, crows and black cats. I feel a special connection to these things. When there is a thunder and lightening storm I feel empowered and recharged like a battery, and feel like running or hunting. A lot of pictures with the moon show it very large. A lot of people might not know that the moon used to be closer to the earth; that’s why a lot of older pictures show it very large. it is slowly receding away. But in some locations, such as my own, it is still magnificent and huge when it is full. Happy new year.

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  9. Last night I learned about a blind Bulgarian mystic named Baba Vanga. She made several predictions, one of which is that America will have a tumultuous year in 2023. She also said China will become the leading super power within the next twenty years. But the thing that’s interesting is the way I discovered her. I think I mentioned before the synchronicities I’ve been having for many years now. Last night I was watching a mixed martial arts competition (MMA) on YouTube, and one of the narrators mentioned a fighter named Baba. He wasn’t in the match, and his name wasn’t in the description. Then I looked to my right in the video feed list, and I saw a video about Baba Vanga. What are the chances of me getting the name Baba twice at the exact same moment? I never hear this name in a whole year, let a lone twice in the exact same moment. This led to my research on Baba Vanga. The synchronicities are so common now (at least twice a week), so I’m going to start writing them down.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Albert (:
      Aren’t synchronicities amazing? I love how everything just fell into the next within what you have described here. The only Baba I know of is the Baba Yaga from Slavic folklore. I think that Nostradamus had made a similar prediction about China. I do see his prediction about California, coming into play these days. Freaky stuff nonetheless.


  10. There’s a comet called NEOWISE that is coming near earth, and closest from January 12 to February 2, I believe. It doesn’t come back for another 50,000 years. I wonder if it’s a harbinger of something bad this year. I hope not. I hope this year goes well for everyone.

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  11. The woman at the top of this page is beautiful. I may complement other women online when under the influence of alcohol (I drink a little once a week), but this gal is my all time favorite occultist.

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