Kindra Ravenmoon is a writer of occult topics, and all around witchy woman. She is the author of Gems of the Adversary, Faces of Lucifer, Natural Satanic Witchcraft, Gaia's Little Book of Crystals for Healing & Magic, and Lucifer a Devotional.
The devil, witchcraft, lore, tradition, superstition, and folk magic are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. Best known for her books on witchcraft and the devil, her articles and interviews have appeared in scholarly journals and numerous publications such as Wyntergreene, 8 Sabbats, Montreal's Magical Circle, Spider's Web, Bizarre, Brutalism, Elle Magazine Quebec, Alt. Fashion UK, Bizarre Girls UK, Embracing the Darkness, Metal Queens Black Metal and Death Metal Editions, Vamperotika, Noir Fatale, Dark Romance Gothic, Devolution UK, Old Nick, Queens of Scream The New Blood, Dark Spy, Cemetery Gates, and Ninth Gate. 

Kindra Ravenmoon has formerly been known for her atypical work as a dark arts alternative model. She has also been in the spotlight as an indie horror film actress(under another name), music journalist, burlesque + Cabaret entertainer, and musician (sometimes under another name) fronting a few death, rock, and doom metal projects. She also used to host the black/death metal radio show Sundead Mourning, and the podcast Devil's Coven, named after a doom metal project she founded and fronted. 

Kindra likes to inspire others with what she shares. Nowadays she does this through her books, blog, and select social media outlets. She also offers consultancy through tarot and the crystal ball, helping people develop their spiritual path for a more enlightened and prosperous living (2023, Kindra has taken an indefinite break from readings). Residing in Canada, she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the witches' devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. 

Kindra holds degrees in religious studies (Western Esotericism and related currents) from the University of Exeter (England), also in herbalism, from NHC Institute (Canada), and; in Gemology from the Scandinavian Gem Academy. Having previous involvement within established esoteric organizations, teaching, being published worldwide, and close to forty years of practical experience, study, and professional research under her belt, Kindra Ravenmoon has earned her title within the occult and witchcraft today.

“All herein is executed in honor of the Old One”