Kindra Ravenmoon is a published Occult Author, and Satanic Witch. A practitioner of traditional folk magick and old-world witchcraft (brought into the new-world), her Satanism is theistic, her craft is animistic. In Satan’s service since 1985, she has been and always will be, a true devotee to the Devil. Part of her work is to inspire and motivate Satanists upon their path, by sharing proper knowledge, that is based upon her professional education and experience.

Many know this Satanic witch from her previous achievements: indie horror film actress, dark arts alternative model, gothic/horror burlesque dancer, musician, music journalist, and cemetery photographer (still active in this hobby today). Prior to authoring her own books, Kindra Ravenmoon had written for various occult magazines, both digital and printed, she has also been a guest writer on several projects. As a professional occultist and medium, she has helped many through their struggles and to find their own path. A dark artist on varying levels, like the Devil, Kindra Ravenmoon, wears many masks.

Kindra Ravenmoon also hosts the podcast: ” Kindra Ravenmoon’s Devil’s Coven”, which can be found on Speaker.com. A new episode is uploaded every Friday at midnight (eastern time).The premise of this podcast is to provide a sacred space online where Theistic Satanists both spiritual and religious can congregate and be a part of the Satanic devotional current. Devil’s Coven provides Satanic prayer, sermons or topics of discussion along with Satanic meditation.

Some books authored by Kindra Ravenmoon: Gems of the Adversary (available at Lulu.com), Natural Satanic Witchcraft (taken off the market January 2020), The Faces of Lucifer(out of print since April 2015). Lucifer A Devotional (available on Amazon).

The blog posts presented within this site are a scattering of Satanic tidbits and musings meant to be a compliment to both Kindra Ravenmoon’s podcast and publications. All herein is executed in Satan’s Service, in honor of Him!.