Kindra Ravenmoon is an occult author and heretical witch. The devil, witchcraft, and folk magic are the elements she brings into her contemporary writing and personal practice. Inspiring others with what she shares through her books, blog, and select social media outlets, she has helped many upon their path.

Kindra Ravenmoon holds degrees in religious studies (Western Esotericism and Related Currents) from the University of Exeter (England) and; in Gemology at the Scandinavian Gem Academy. With previous involvement within established esoteric organizations, published in various scholarly journals, and close to forty years of practical experience, under her belt, she has earned her title within the occult and witchcraft today. 

Residing in Canada, she finds joy in having an independent practice of witchcraft, experiencing the Devil and the spirits of nature within this country's four vivid seasons. Apart from her writing and art, Kindra Ravenmoon utilizes her natural abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience to provide services of spiritual consultancy with the crystal ball and the tarot. As a professional occultist she has helped many through their struggles, aiding seekers to find their path. A dark artist on many levels, like the Devil, Kindra Ravenmoon, wears many masks. 
*Kindra Ravenmoon is the author of Gems of the Adversary" (found on Lulu.com), "Faces of Lucifer" (out of print since 2015),  "Natural Satanic Witchcraft" (off the market Jan.2020), and "Lucifer a Devotional" (available on Amazon).

“All herein is executed in the service of Auld Hornie”