Devil’s Disciples-Kink and Magick

My last appearance on Devil’s Disciples for the summer. Don’t worry, I’ll be back making monthly appearances, joining Anima Noira again in the fall. I have spent a fun and lucrative part of my life working as a professional Dominatrix- It’s not what you think or might expect. In this Devil’s Disciples episode I willContinue reading “Devil’s Disciples-Kink and Magick”

The Brotherhood of Satan

“Open mindedness, unity, respect, free thinking, sharing, teaching, non-dictative, generational, traditional, in person rituals, and worship. But most of all-acknowledgement of Satan as a real sentient being. Devil worship and devotion. And, this is the Brotherhood of Satan.” As you may have read from my last post (if you haven’t read it, I recommend goingContinue reading “The Brotherhood of Satan”

Why I Dumped Theistic…

DISCLAIMER:What lies herein is based upon my personal views, my perspective, and lending of my reasoning to explain why I no longer identify with Satanism, and particular terms or groups of people. What is stated here; is not directed towards anyone in particular, nor is it my goal to hurt anybody’s feelings. But, if youContinue reading “Why I Dumped Theistic…”