In recent months I have been contemplating a big change and oddly enough, the recent loss of my Instagram profile (hacked) pushed me into making what I’ve been considering for a while now into a reality. So, here it is:

I have dropped the pen name I have been known under for 20 years. The same name I initially used to publish articles under for a local pagan magazine. The surname that became infamous when I worked as an alternative model (how many who followed my occult work online first discovered me under). RAVENMOON no longer has anything to do with me as a professional author or any form of art that I might put forward in the future. I have also upgraded the title of the revision of one of my older books to coincide with this change.

In doing this I have totally changed my energetic body’s frequency and the vibration it projects.. This was a much needed upgrade on both a professional level as well as a spiritual one. All my future works will be under a new pen name, maybe I’ll use my surname or a variant spelling of.

Due to this decision, I will no longer be uploading to this website kindraravenmoon.com and will allow the domain to die come time for its renewal this summer, that is if I don’t rid of it sooner. However, prior to the death of this website, a new website will be birthed and I will definitely be sharing that link on Twitter and on my Facebook page/blog under the same name. All that I consider to be my best blog posts from this site, will be uploaded to the new one, so nothing substantial will be lost.


As mentioned in a previous blog post, I still plan on hosting a new audio podcast. It’s been a while since I shut down my channel and never wanted to utilize YouTube’s platform again however, I’m considering opening a new YouTube channel to host the podcast. This way it will be easier for everyone who is interested to find it. Or, there is the possibility that I might use YouTube as the platform to advertise on and host the actual podcast someplace else. I’m still considering what will be the best option for me. Either way, I hope for my new podcast to be a combination in a similar vein to what I had going with my former radio show Sundead Mourning and my last podcast Devil’s Coven,, if anyone here remembers either of these.

If it is possible for me to do so, I still plan on uploading short clips to my website. Rather than that being here, it will be to the new one, when it is ready.

I think I’ve covered everything that I wanted to share and maybe shock/surprise you with lol!

Many Blessings, Both Dark & Light



Dead Man’s Hand

*Gruesome Witchcraft Lore:


According to an old European belief, the Hand of Glory was a candle fashioned from the dried and pickled severed hand of a criminal; who was sentenced to death by hanging. This hand was said to hold supernatural powers. According to some accounts, the hand; had to be severed while the corpse was still hanging from the gallows. There are accounts that state; that the right hand is for works of healing and that the left hand is used for all other magics. In other stories, it is stated that only the left hand is to be severed. The left side was attributed to the sinister, making it suited for acts of witchcraft.

There are varying methods throughout its lore; by which a hand of glory came into creation. To make a hand into a candle, the prepped hand was dipped into warm melted animal fat. Then the process repeated until a thick layer of fat formed on the hand. Some lore replaces animal fat with wax. Activated, the hand of glory would have been ignited through its fingers; some cases noted that the hair of the hanged man would have served as the hand’s candle wicks.
Other folklore tells of the fat or wax-dipped dead man’s hand serving as a candle holder for the intended candle; to be used for witchcraft.

*Did you know:
Mexico also used to hold a belief that the hand of glory was a potent magical object.

As an aid in theft:
If! The hand of glory; was taken into a house the sleeping inhabitants were believed to be prevented from waking, and the candle itself remained invisible. To be truly effective, however, both the hand and candle had to be prepared in a specific manner. The term “hand of glory”, is believed to derive from the French main de gloire or mandragoras and be related to legends of the mandrake. The mandrake was said to grow under the gallows of a hanged man. Belief in the efficacy of the hand of glory to facilitate robbery persisted as late as 1831 in Ireland.

Modern Times:
Today we can make or purchase handmade or manufactured wax hand of glory candles without all the fuss and gruesomeness. Lol!
In modern witchcraft (traditional or not), the hand of glory candle, can be used for; a plethora spells. I personally have only seen these in either black or white, but I don’t doubt that other colors have come into being. Lending varying attributes to these modern hands of glory. I assume that the white waxed hand of glory within modern witchcraft is used for healing and maybe for purification or communication with a human spirit who had recently passed. Well, this is what I would use it for anyhow. The black waxed modern hand of glory is a tool that; can be used in witchcraft for; banishing people from one’s life, cursing (5-finger curse or 5-day curse), and obtaining justice over someone or truth from them. Because there was a belief that the hand of glory granted invisibility for theft, I feel the “modern” hand of glory candle; could be used to help its user, be able to go about unnoticed when out in public or shield them from a particular person or persons. I’m sure this new hand of glory; can also be used to protect a home or individual from theft. Tap into it and access the flipside of its original purpose.

Something to think about, right?

Do you have any ideas on what you would use a hand of glory candle for?

© Kindra Ravenmoon


Happy New Year

2023’s energy started on a heavy note, with the first full moon of the year falling right within its first week. January’s full moon, commonly known as the wolf moon, represents the perfect balance of light and dark energies combined. This past Friday, when the moon was at its peak, if you hadn’t taken time to connect with it, I encourage you to do so this upcoming week. We are still in alignment with the intense energy leftover from the wolf moon, even more so now that we are in its waning stage. This interval, still ripe from ringing in the new year, combined with the powerful esoteric frequency surrounding the moon, is an ideal period for deep reflection and contemplation.

*Assess 2022, your accomplishments, failures, where you could have done better, and where you know you’ve done your best no matter the outcome.
*Take note of what you have let go of or what you know now no longer serves you. Ask yourself if there is anything else you need to leave behind so that you may move forward.
*Set your goals for 2023 or at least the next three months. Be realistic.
*Try to connect with your True Will.
*Look within and find your authentic self.
These are not easy tasks, but who said this moon is easy? Knowing who you are, what your limits are, establishing your boundaries, and being true to yourself now; will strengthen you for what 2023 has in store.

What 2023 holds in store for me and this website:

As most of you know, I have removed my most recent book, “Lucifer a Devotional”; from Amazon; due to it addresses a specific, cult-minded audience that I have stepped away from and no longer will cater to. I might rework it; to be incorporated into something entirely different. I plan to put out in the distant future. I have a few new publications lined up for release in the following months. Aside from a few booklets I plan to put through Amazon, my forthcoming books; will be published through a traditional publisher. I have made some changes in the direction of my writing, with my approach, subject material, and the quality of readership I wish to attract. This blog will be, to some extent, a reflection of that. 2023; will bring to this website; more blogs covering various folklore, superstition, and maybe a few personal experiences shared. I’m not sure, but I might upload short clips or create a podcast for this website. Writing books for publish holds priority, but who knows what the dark half of the year will bring. It is a thought for the distant future of this site.

To my readers, I bid you a very Happy New Year. I wish that 2023 brings you all the best in all your endeavors. May they serve to your benefit. Much Love & Diverse Blessings!

Kindra Ravenmoon.


The Mari Lwyd

Mysterious and menacing it is. In this dark, cold time of year, a pale horse, the Mari Lwyd, appears. 

Since childhood, the Mari Lwyd, like other ghostly horse or hooded animal traditions and folklore, has always fascinated me. The Mari Lwyd is a wassailing Welsh folk custom celebrated from December 25th to January 6th (from Christmas day until the eve of Little Christmas). However, dates do differ from village to village. 

Is the Mari Lwyd an actual horse?

Mari Lwyd is an eponymous hobby horse that is fashioned from an actual horse’s skull, mounted on a pole, and carried by an individual hidden under typically, a white cloth that falls from the horse’s skull.

Traditionally Mari Lwyd is decorated festively (usually with colorful streamers or ivy) and taken around the village between Christmas Day and Twelfth Night. Mari is always accompanied by an ostler, sometimes other folk characters like a jester and a Lady, or even the traditional British puppet show characters Punch and Judy. This group will go house to house singing and partaking with the occupant of the home an exchange of rude rhymes. If Mari Lwyd and her gang are given entrance to the home, it will be bestowed’ with good Luck for the year. Mari Lwyd is known to be mischievous and will try to steal things and chase the people she likes.

The first written record of the Mari Lwyd is in J. Evans’ book from 1800. Mari Lwyd means grey or pale mare, connecting it to the heritage of pale horses in Celtic and British mythology, many of whom can cross over to the underworld. One example from Welsh mythology taken from the Mabinogion, Rhiannon (often seen in modern times to be a form o goddess) rode a white horse that allowed her to travel between the realms. 

Many who hold the Mari Lwyd tradition close to their heats, along with early folklorists such as Iorwerth C. Peate and Ellen Ettlinger, believed that the tradition had once been a pre-Christian religious rite. We can see why considering it does appear to be very Pagan. This notion has been declined by scholars amid a lack of supporting evidence. Mari Lwyd has similarities to other hooded animal customs in Britain, such as the Hoodening in Kent, the Broad in the Cotswolds, the Old Tup in Derbyshire, and the Old Ball and Old Horse of Northern England.

What is wassail?

Wassail is a hot beverage made from mulled cider, ale, or wine. Spices such as cinnamon and close, along sometimes with others, are added. It is drunk traditionally as an integral part of wassailing. 

What is wassailing?

It is typically a drinking ritual and salutation usually involving door-to-door charity giving or used to ensure a good harvest and good luck for the following year. Wassailing falls into two categories: house-visiting and orchard-visiting wassail. With the house-visiting wassail, people go door-to-door, singing and offering a drink from a wassail bowl in exchange for gifts; this practice still exists today but mostly has been replaced with caroling. In the Mari Lywd tradition, singing and drinking are also typically involved. The orchard-visiting wassail is an ancient custom of visiting apple orchards. Reciting of incantations, prayer, and song to the trees; are conducted to promote a good harvest for the coming year. Today those that carry on this tradition, visiting an orchard is not necessary (nor always convenient). The rite can be carried out upon a tree or trees dwelling on the private properties of individuals within the village.

The ups and downs of the Mari Lwyd’s journey:

In the 19th century, Welsh Methodists and other Christian groups criticized the Mari Lwyd. In his book titled “The Religion Of The Dark Ages” 1852, Baptist minister Reverend William Roberts called her “sinful” He also transcribed twenty verses of Mari’s performance, helping to (unintentionally, of course) spread the tradition. Nothing was able to stop the spirit of the Mari Lwyd. Despite fears and alluding that the Mari Lwyd tradition was dying, the practice still lived strong in Cardiff, Bridgend, Llangynwyd, Neath, and other parts of Glamorgan/Glamorganshire.

By the 1960s only a few Mari Lwyd processions were left, but in years to follow, the Llantrisant Folk Club revived the tradition, as did a family in Llangwynyd, and I for one am thankful that they have. 

By Kindra Ravenmoon ©

*A great book to consider if you want a more in depth insight to the history and tradition of wassailing: https://www.troybooks.co.uk/wassailing-the-british-midwinter-blessing-custom/

The below videos display present day Mari Lwyd and Wassailing celebrations:


History of the Christmas Tree

(continuing from the previous blog, in honor of the season)

How did the Christmas tree develop? Here is a brief rundown of its history:

We can thank Germany for giving us the Christmas tree.
According to one legend St. Boniface encountered pagans preparing a sacrifice at an oak tree dedicated to the god Donar/Thor. He took an ax to the tree, and, when not struck down by their god, he proclaimed to the awed pagans that a nearby evergreen was their holy tree. Another version of this story claims that a fir tree grew on the site of the fallen oak.

Whether this tale holds truth, evergreen trees became part of Christian rites in Germany, and the Middle Ages, paradise trees became a thing. Paradise trees, were meant to represent the Garden of Eden. These evergreen trees were hung with apples and displayed in homes on December 24, the religious feast day of Adam and Eve. Over time other decorations were included, and eventually apples were no longer a fashion, nor the term paradise tree. During the 16th century is when paradise trees became known as Christmas trees. There was a time prior to becoming the Christmas tree that the tree was called the Christmas Pyramid. Decorations remained fabricated from natural materials, but as time forged forward, they became more ornate.

In the 16th century, Martin Luther; reportedly first hung lighted candles on a tree. By the 19th century, Christmas trees were a firmly established tradition in Germany. As Germans migrated, they took Christmas trees to other countries, notably England. The German-born prince Albert, and his wife, Britain’s Queen Victoria, popularized the tradition among the British. The couple made Christmas trees a prominent part of the holiday’s festivities, and in 1848 an illustration of the royal family around a decorated tree appeared in a London newspaper. Christmas trees soon became common in English homes.

German settlers also introduced Christmas trees in the United States, though the custom; was not initially embraced. Puritans opposed the holiday because of the influence of Pagan traditions, and officials of the Massachusetts Bay Colony outlawed celebrating Christmas. Their dislike of the holiday was such that they closed their churches on December 25. It wasn’t until the 1820s that Christmas began gaining popularity in America, and the country’s first Christmas tree reportedly was displayed in the 1830s.

Christmas trees spread almost worldwide, but the tradition began to have a detrimental impact on forests, especially in Germany. As a result, during the 1800s, Germans began fabricating artificial goose-feathered trees. These trees found their way into different countries, but in time goose feathers were replaced by other materials. In the 1930s when a manufacturer of toilet bowl brushes allegedly used surplus product to create an artificial tree. These bristle trees gained popularity, but were later supplanted by aluminum and then plastic versions that are popular enough today.

By Kindra Ravenmoon


The Holiday Season

Are you ready for Saturnalia? The Winter Solstice? Christmas?

In brief:
Saturnalia is an ancient Roman festival and holiday in honor of the god Saturn, held December 17th in the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to December 23rd. By the fourth century A.D., Western Christian churches settled on celebrating Christmas on December 25th, which allowed them to incorporate the holiday with Saturnalia and other pagan midwinter traditions.

Fun Fact:
There is not a single passage in Bible where God tells people to celebrate Christmas.

It is my opinion that, Christmas is purely a Pagan holiday, but anyone can celebrate it. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. It seems that marketing has well taken over the holiday anyhow. From my perspective, a holiday becomes truly Christian if you subscribe to that religion and honor its deity, attend church, etc., as part of your celebration. A holiday celebrated in this present day will take on a Pagan or modern Pagan tone when one subscribes to anything falling under that umbrella and celebrates the holiday in their way in accord with their beliefs, in their heart. If you don’t subscribe to any religious or spiritual views, you still can celebrate in whatever way you see fit. What matters is that you are happy and that you enjoy yourself. This holiday season holds the spirit of joy. It is joy, happiness, celebration, and giving; that feeds the egregore of this season in general.

On the flip side of this holiday season, compared to the rest of the year, I feel a darker force present. Nothing negative but darker, something sinister, maybe? There is definitely, a darker magical current. The darkness I speak of is not that of black/baneful magick or ill intention, but rather the dark energy that rules this dark half of the year, It certainly is at its core power; as we come to the year’s end. For me, this certainly is the Devil’s holiday. Maybe even more so than Halloween. Halloween feeds our desire for dark fun, paranormal activity, and something spooky. Halloween awakens our inner curiosity about what lies beyond the veil. It is a common belief that Halloween is the time to commune with the dead and for some to honor their ancestors. But it is; the ancient current of Saturnalia, the astrological power of the Winter Solstice, and the pure magic of Christmas where those sensitive to natural energies; can really, feel the Devil’s current. His presence can be felt dominantly now.
And. speaking of paranormal activity, this might be a fascination throughout October and what Halloween is marketed, however, now is the high time for action in this department, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Did you know that most paranormal activity is recorded and reported during this time?

*The attached art image: “Winder Solstice or the Holly King” by Michael Ker.

By Kindra Ravenmoon


Pulled This Card For You

I pulled this card for you to contemplate over the weekend.

Bats symbolize the underworld, As seen in witchcraft and most magical traditions, the underworld is a place of transition and transformation. This is where the soul goes to rest and review lessons learned. It’s also where the soul prepares for a new carnation, to be rebirthed into a new life, if need be. This card advises you to prepare to let go of something or someone that is keeping you stagnant, in both the profane world but also mostly in reference to your spiritual advancement. It could also foretell that it is time for you to switch up your magical or spiritual practice, or, to change your view upon what it is you think you believe in. Maybe the spiritual path you’ve been walking has served its purpose and can bring you no further. It is time to jump off the bandwagon and find what better serves you. Don’t enslave yourself to one way of thinking or believing. Try to open up to a broader plane. Know that you are not dishonoring or deceiving anything or anyone by doing so. You only deceive yourself by not allowing the process of change to occur. Stepping forward into new territory can be frightening however it can also be very enlightening and uplifting. You’ve got so much more to gain by trusting in the process and proceeding.

Follow your intuition! Look deeper into the self. It’s time to also go deeper within your practice be it creative/art/writing, or magical. Stop trying, start allowing things to happen. Let yourself be guided.

November is a period of transition, don’t fear the changes which lie ahead. You can feel that something is shifting in the atmosphere, just go with the flow and concentrate on what it is you need to do to move forward in your practice and upon your journey.

I hope this one card oracle reading resonated. I’ll be back during this weekend to present a new blog article. Until then my friends and readers-Darkest Blessings!

(oracle card is from the Season’s of the Witch Oracle, Samhain edition)

By Kindra Ravenmoon ©



We have crossed the threshold and now dwell in the dark half of the year. The”spooky” season is here, and we believe the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Halloween, or, for some Samhain, is just around the corner. During this time, there is much talk, also pressure about honoring our ancestors. It is believed by many to be the time that the spirits of our ancestors our among us.

Has anyone stopped to question this?

Why would our great ancestors come through this veil (that separates us from the spirit world) to be with those they have never known? Why would they care? Haven’t their souls moved on? At Walpurgis/Beltane, the veil is also thin; why don’t we bring out our ancestral altars during that holiday? Why do many believe their ancestors are only going to be present now? What if you’re adopted? Do you truly know who it is you are honoring?
I might sound like an atypical witch posing these questions, but I like to bring some reality and food for thought into my witchcraft practices. And I hope that I am inspiriting you to put some thought into yours as well.

If you don’t feel connected to your ancestors or feel uncomfortable having to revere immediate family who crossed the veil, then don’t do it.

With concern to immediate family, many don’t get along with their family when they are alive, so why should one feel obliged to honor them because it’s “that time of year”? If you didn’t want to give someone the time of day when they were alive, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to do so after they are no longer in their physical bodies? Especially if you’re doing it because you’re following the herd mentality that states it’s the time of year to do so.

Regarding distant relatives long gone, those ancient ancestors you have never known and who have never known you nor even had presumed the existence of your immediate family, why honor them? What do you know about these distant bloodline ancestors? Aside from where they originated. Ask yourself, would you have gotten along with them? What type of person were they? Is their spirit worthy of your time?

Let’s face it, like with an immediate family, many of us got unsavory distant ancestors. Nobody, witch or other, is obliged to lend time and energy to one who might not have been a good human. Just because an ancestor is distant or ancient doesn’t make them any better or more powerful than those in your immediate family. In many cases, one’s immediate family are far better humans than their great ancestors were. It doesn’t matter what accomplishments an ancestor might have made. Some of our ancestors brought harm to others, were cruel, racist, discriminatory, or have committed great crimes without remorse. Would you really want to honor someone like that? In my opinion, prior to lighting a candle or giving an offering to an ancestor, it is best to find out as much as possible about them personally, their character and how they treated others. Know that you don’t owe the past anything.

In my personal practice, I don’t worship nor connect with ancestors from my bloodline, but instead I light a candle in respect to those who have suffered and died in the name of witchcraft; and what that consequence has entailed for those practicing and terming as witches today. I also lend respect (not worship) to the spirits of the land and dear friends who have passed in recent years; and to the witches and magicians who have influenced my practice; through their works, they have served indirectly as my mentors. You should know; I don’t do this on October 31st, for it is Halloween. On this day, I rededicate to the Devil and His Bride, then I join a few sister witches for a dumb supper, followed by a session of scrying and some other seasonal activities that witches do. The entire month of November is when I light a candle each day to hold respect for those mentioned.

Know that with this article, I am not attacking anyone’s personal practice but that I’m just sharing my thoughts on the matter. It is in my nature to get people to think and take a peek outside the collective bubble rather than blindly follow the flock. In my opinion, it is perfectly fine to revere a grandparent or other family member with whom you were close to. There is nothing wrong either if you keep a permanent space, like a picture with a candle and some flowers on a small table, for example, to honor those who meant something to you on a personal level, be they a blood relative or not. I also encourage those who have pets that crossed the rainbow bridge, to do the same for your fur baby. Just know who it is you are paying homage to.

*To clarify for those reading this who are not current with what the dumb supper is.

Dumb Supper: Dumb is a synonym for mute or silent. So, the essential rule of a dumb supper is to remain silent while dining. Usually, during a dumb supper, a plate of food is put on the dinner table for a spirit that wishes to join, if there is one. In some traditions it is customary to fix a plate containing the first cuts of the meal, and place it outside the front door. The premise behind setting this plate is to nourish a spirit while on it’s journey towards the light/beyond the veil. Know; that there are witches that will invite a deceased loved one to join them, the latter; isn’t what my friends and I practice.

*Something interesting for those who celebrate Samhain, did you know; that the Earth Spirit almanac, which follows the astrological dates of holidays, Samhain actually falls on November 7th it begins at 5:45 am eastern time zone.

Whether you revere your ancestors or not, I wish everyone reading this a Merry and Blessed Halloween and Samhain. Feel the magic in the atmosphere and embrace the dark season.

*Keep in rhythm with the season, follow this link to read an article put out by Lufolk, about Samhain. https://lufolk.com/blogs/paganism-and-folklore/samhain?goal=0_a1bda45e47-fa9511bd95-356697745&mc_cid=fa9511bd95&mc_eid=09aa86448c

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon


Harvest Home

Welcoming the dark half of the year as we absorb the power of balance on this most magical day. Light in Dark. Dark in Light. Hailing in Harvest Home.


Kindra Ravenmoon xx

This day also marks the 20th birthday of my beautiful physical familiar Mabon. He obtained this pagan name because I found him close to midnight, on the eve of this wonderful day. Fall Equinox and Harvest Home just didn’t sound right for a cat’s name. Maybe Equinox or Autumn, could have worked but still for this kitty, unfitting. He is definitely a Mabon.

What’s most magical, the night prior to finding Mabon, I prayed to Lucifer, asking for a physical familiar, my soul animal. I wanted to rescue a cat from the ASPCA eventually soon, but really wanted to save one off the street. I ask the Old One, to bring me a Main Coon. I always wanted a cat of this breed, beautiful and full of character. When stating my wants, I pushed my request to specifics, asking for either an all white or totally black cat. Well, within 24 hours, give or take, after praying to Lucifer to bring me this specific magical cat, I found him abandoned along side of a highway. Mabon is a Maine Coon, and as you can see from the picture shown, he’s black and white. Guess the Devil figured, she’s being really picky yet this witch can’t make up her damn mind, so there! Well, I’m not complaining. Mabon has been a blessing in my life ever since.

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY MABON! )🥳 Love my cat 🍁🍂❤️❤️❤️🍁🍂

In this photo he took it upon himself to be my model. I was doing some creative photography for a pagan/occult magazine. The editor loved him and Mabon got to be in the issue, appearing in a few articles I might add.

(Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon)



As I promised, this next blog is about a “paranormal” encounter a friend and myself experienced back in the latter half of the Spring.
I would have shared this sooner, but I needed time; to fully ingest what had happened. The information given during the experience, and not to mention the information I continued to channel for days after. I wanted to be able to formulate everything into coherent words to present to you, my readers.
One evening a friend and I were doing some paranormal investigation and trying out some new ghost-hunting equipment just because it was something new, and we just wanted to have some fun with it. We had no expectations.

Jumping back a couple of hours before our ghost-hunting, I helped my friend with a spell meant to send protection and healing to her mother in China.
My friend is a reiki master, so she incorporated that into what we did. The candles still had several hours to burn for our magick to have been completed, so we let everything be and went out to test the new equipment.

Side Note:
Don’t worry; we were not irresponsible and made sure all would be more than safe regarding the burning candles. I still wouldn’t recommend anyone leave burning candles unattended unless you are 100% guaranteed that; if anything unexpected happens, nothing will burn.

Our ghost hunting didn’t bring anything that would have required any research for later. What we picked up was nothing more than any mere ghost-hunting phone app would have,
We weren’t out for long and were thinking about the candles burning, so we returned. We set the candles on a table in the center of the living room and then sat on the floor in front of them, looking at the equipment monitor and joking about what came up on it. From this, we both got an urge to work with the ouija. I went to another room to retrieve the board, and that’s when she screamed out my name, Kindra!” “Come quick!”

I ran into the living room to find my friend staring in the direction of the candles and then at the monitor with her mouth open, totally dumbfounded. The most freaky is that her little Pomeranian, who barks non-stop; at anything that moves, was standing there, totally silent, swaying back and forth and staring in the same direction. I didn’t see anything and kept asking, What?” “What?”
She motioned for me to sit on the floor beside her and pointed to the monitor; she had its camera pointing towards the candles. What I saw through the equipment monitor; was the strangest entity I had ever encountered. It stood on the opposite side of the table, directly in front of our burning candles.
It was a very tall, slim figure, with a pointed cone-shaped head and dark large oval eyes. Looking into its eyes was like seeing an actual eye staring through a pool of utter blackness. The body was a transparent greyish-green auric light that formed over a skeletal body,

We noticed that the entity was hovering over the floor. But then we realized that we were seeing it as if it were standing on the threshold of a doorway. Later on, after the fact, we figured that we must have opened a portal when we did the spell, and that portal remained opened because the spell working was still ongoing with the burning of the candles. We were seeing this entity through the doorway of that portal we created.

The entity stayed with us for roughly 20 minutes. What freaked out my friend the most is that it addressed her by her North American name and not her Chinese birth name. All her equipment, including her internet, phone, etc. are under her proper Chinese name, not the North American version of it. This factor ruled out a glitch in her equipment’s system, but then again, how the dog behaved had no other explanation than this entity being real. The entity answered all of our questions.

Some of what the entity told us that night:

Its name is irrelevant to the human tongue.
It comes from the universe beyond the universe.
It and others come here from time to time to collect lost souls.
It told us that we each hold much power and are on the right path.
We have the light within.
We must stay on the path that we each walk.
We and others like we need to share our light to heal others, make them see.
We, on this planet, are being monitored.
When the majority of humankind has opened their eyes, and has progressed in mind, heart, and spirit, They from the universe beyond the universe will return.
They will teach and help us advance ourselves and the benefit of this planet.
The Creator-God! is made up of many and is not one Being.
There are two Creators. They are one, and they are separate. In human concept, they are one of each, a masculine and a feminine, Each being composed of many. All “them”work in unison, each having a task.
There is no war in heaven or between angels and demons. Such a notion is construct of man’s fabrication called religion.
Angles and demons each hold their own purpose and mission. Neither cares about the other. They are neutral to one another.
What you see as Lucifer or as Jesus, are channels to your spiritual growth. They and those as they are, can serve as channels to send energy or your message to the Creators. If you want. This will serve only the self.
Procreation is a human concept. They (meaning those like the entity also other beings from its realm) do not procreate. They exist for their purpose and must complete it.
We need to find our purpose and manifest through it.

There were a few more bits of information from that night, but unfortunately, I do not remember. Much of what the entity shared sounded very Gnostic but also, from what I have heard from the sermons of the Cult of Cthulhu, then came something more.

We both felt light, calm, with a warmth inside when the entity abruptly vanished. As soon as it was gone, my friend’s dog started to bark and run around as usual.

The messages I received throughout the days that followed:
The Creators “God” is before everything. There was it and the void. “God” is before the primordial beings/forces. It, “God” created the primordial.
There is no barriers, no good and evil. Everything simply is.
We need to break free from the blindfold of good versus evil, us versus them and the blindfolds and shackles of all religions.
“God” never intended us to create religious structures or religion at all. (when I say God, I’m referring to the masculine and feminine creator forces mentioned above).
“God” doesn’t want us to worship; it or any beings/gods. It wants us to live and be open in mind and heart. Help each other and help others to see.
Be good to one another but cut off from those who remain a negative to your well being and progress. Don’t create war.
Religious scriptures, were created by man. We should not enslave ourselves to man’s dictations.

We should not create new scriptures and new religions either.
Satan is not the Creator. Satan/The Devil/Lucifer is a creation of the Creator (both masculine and feminine forces) and works for them as part of their purpose. He (Satan/Lucifer) is one of the primordial.
There are gatekeepers/guardians of this world and between the universes. When humankind is ready, we will be able to pass through them.

*There are a few more insights the alien/entity shared. I won’t be revealing these. I am unsure if I fully understand or am meant to understand or share it.

Everything stated here, and what continues in the paragraphs below, has opened something within me. All this has played an additional factor and sealed my reasons (all in my blog article titled Why I Dumped Theistic..) to no longer associate myself with the shackles of a specific religious path and dogmatic people affiliated with it.

I always say that nothing happens for nothing. There is a reason why I was unprepared to manifest this into a blog months earlier. Also, when I was ready to share and did have the time to, I was unable due to health issues. I believe that the reason I was unable to produce this blog sooner was not only to receive further insight from the entity; but also; I was to stumble upon the testimony of a South African Satanist who saw Jesus.

After listening to his story, how he expressed himself and how natural his emotions were, I believe his sincerity also his experience. What that man claims Jesus told him and how he channeled further messages is almost exactly; what the entity, from my experience, revealed. I’m not saying that Jesus is an alien from another universe or anything along those lines-No!
What I believe; is all this falls on a much larger scale than what our mortal minds are able to comprehend. That, such things present themselves to a certain few of us when the timing is right and in a way that the individual can understand and accept.

*If you haven’t already heard about what the now former South African Satanist experienced and the messages he has to share from it, I encourage you to watch/listen to the video I linked below. I ask readers to please keep an open mind when listening to his experience as I trust you have kept an open mind when reading about my experience.

Thank you for taking the time.

By Kindra Ravenmoon.


Why I Dumped Theistic…

What lies herein is based upon my personal views, my perspective, and lending of my reasoning to explain why I no longer identify with Satanism, and particular terms or groups of people. What is stated here; is not directed towards anyone in particular, nor is it my goal to hurt anybody’s feelings. But, if you take offense, maybe you need to step outside from yourself and take an honest look at the bigger picture and let that sink in for a bit. You might also need to rethink the titles you identify.

Many of you have noticed that I no longer Identify online with titles such as Theistic Satanist or Theistic Satanism and that I have disassociated with most who glorify themselves under these titles. There are several reasons why over recent months, I have rethought and rebranded, and I will gladly share the core of it here with you.

For quite some time, I have been highly disappointed and also; annoyed with the state of Theistic Satanism as presented online. Nothing has changed since its first inception into the realms of the internet, back in 2003, a heavy dark cloud filled with keyboard “Satanists” trolls, instigators of drama, and a plethora of egos clashing. As it still stands, most everyone; is seeking Satanic fame of some sort. Many Satanists, both from the past, and present are still trying to be the next Anton LaVey (theistic version) while denying his creditability. Something more that hasn’t changed from the past, and what really sickens me, is that many are using and stabbing everyone else just for the sake of amusement, and they do it under the guise of Satanism, in the name of Satan. Only a handful of those titling as Theistic Satanists; appear to legitimately; want to learn, share, and practice. However, they are misguided by the ones who are presenting the Path. Theistic Satanism online becomes boring really fast with all the same old demonic images, Satanized Baphomets, and anti-Christian , anti-everything posts circulating. For me, it appears that Theistic Satanists haven’t shook off that “Us vs Them” attitude, and with this breeds more hate, discrimination, along with never ending false information spewed and rehashed time over again.

On the flip side of this clown show, some presenters of Theistic Satanism have taken the plunge and have begun preaching how Satan loves everybody. They preach that Satan cares for you and dictate what Satan’s thoughts and sentiments are towards you; for example, “Satan doesn’t want you to celebrate non-Satanic holidays with your family and friends” or “such and such is an insult to Satan”. Love, healing, and kindness all in Satan’s name, with subtle nuances of dictating what Satan wants, thinks, and how to practice your Satanism. This new wave of Theistic Satanism is no different than; the Christian sermons they claim to hate. The same speel, omit Jesus and insert Satan. This new gentler, inclusively kind and helpful Satan is being presented by those who are trying to create a Satanic community, involving anyone who identifies as a Theistic Satanist. It’s one thing to want to be part of a communal hub such as an online group of like minded individuals, but.; these love and light Satanists are really pushing to lump everyone one titling as a Theistic Satanist under one communal umbrella. At the least they agree that not everyone will view Satan in the same light but they blindly believe that everyone can get along under one big theistic umbrella, even if they don’t like one another. In a perfect world, this could happen-maybe! But, that wouldn’t be Satanism. What I don’t like about this, especially, is if a Theistic Satanist holds this view or not, the Satanist still is lumped under the communal umbrella just for publicly presenting as a Theistic Satanist. The peace and love Satanists will still consider you as one of them, and this is how you will be viewed, like it or not.

So, we got in one corner Satanists (theists) that are anti-religion, anti-almost everything, upholding the negative Satanic stereotype, with the majority only titling as Satanists for shits and giggles to have fun and create chaos online. And, in the opposing corner we got the “Satanic unity, peace and love” Satanists wanting to bring everyone together under one hub (online) and call it a community. Think about how this clashes. Ponder upon this oxymoron for a moment, will you.

From my perspective, Theistic Satanism, based on the outline I have shared, will never be taken seriously. This being no fault but the lump majority who claim and present it. The harder they try, the harder and faster they keep falling. When there are too many chefs in the kitchen, nothing gets done, especially if neither of those chefs know how to cook to begin with.
To make things worse, in my opinion, is how confusing all this might be to someone new upon the Path or seeking to learn about Satanism in general. Let us not leave out the fact that both sides of Theistic Satanists preach hate and discrimination towards Christians, philosophical Satanists and those claiming to be atheists. Maybe this is the common ground between them; it certainly isn’t their belief in deity.

Taking all this drama and chaos into consideration, is a big part why I have disassociated myself from the title Theistic Satanist and Theistic Satanism. As a professional and in respect to myself, I cannot subject or affiliate my name as a serious author with such a circus act. In with what I share, I hope to inspire people upon their journey. I don’t wish to lead them down a rabbit hole or give them the wrong impression by using a title holding such a negative egregore. I have always been a devotee of the Devil and have always titled myself a witch. It has only been during recent years that I have publicly used the term Theistic Satanist, and in doing so it has drawn a lot of negative and unsavory types into my following. It also has brought me much unwanted attention in the negative. I have never experienced such of this nature within my following prior, nor have I ever experienced theft (copycats) , immature behavior, and such immense jealousy thrown my way before associating with that title (from someone who has come from the modelling world, that says a lot).

In generalizing, Theistic Satanism has proven to be nothing more than an adolescent rebellious branch of Christianity, and a micro-managed religion. Theistic Satanists haven’t advanced, haven’t authenticated Theistic Satanism since they first started congregating online. Even now with their talks of unity and attempts for online community, you can clearly see the underlining deceit among them. With several waiting to surface their strategic attack upon peers. Actually, this masked war has already begun. It was war and confusing then and continues to be now. Rather than getting better it has worsened, becoming weaker and laughable with (count one one hand) a rare few who keep trying to go against the grain and make it into something respectable-All the power to you!

As a scholar, I can no longer look the other way and pretend to un-see and un-hear; all the ridiculous false information ( purposely or ignorantly) circulate among Theistic Satanists. At this point, I respect very few authentic, non preachy, open-minded Theistic Satanists, who share from their personal experience without trying to organize anything, or micro-manage Satanism in anyway. I have spent several days and hours in meditation and contemplation. I asked the Devil what is the best direction to take and if I should continue to stay connected to certain people. He has edged me towards my final decision. Lucifer reminded me about why I walk the path, oaths I’ve taken, and that the large part of my practice lies in my roots of the Old Craft and its folklore of the Devil and why I write about Him as the Old One.

During this period in recent months I experienced an encounter with something from beyond our universe (details about this encounter in an upcoming blog). What I will state here and now; is that this encounter opened my eyes to a deeper view on spirituality. It has showed me the bigger picture. This experience taught me to look outside the narrow box I had dug myself into (confines of Theistic Satanism) and how in recent years this had blinded me from truly moving forward to where I personally need to succeed. I have also come to the conclusion that authentic Devil worshipers are those who would not subject themselves to the restrictions of any religion, not even one calling itself Theistic Satanism. A Devil worshiper would and should remain in the shadows, keeping their practice personal rather than exposing it to a world that will never understand it. True Devil worship, doesn’t reach out to the masses, nor does it teach and preach to random strangers on the internet. A true Devil worshiper, keeps their connection personal, unique between they and their god.

To conclude, I have always been an animist and will always honor the Earth and the Devil. But, the Devil I honor is not the Christian Satan. The terms you might see me use online, Heretical Witch, and Heretical Witchy Woman, state exactly my stance, being one in league with the Devil without having to subject to terms linked to groups or people of an unsavory caliber. A heretic by origin is a person who thinks for themselves, does not follow. Heretical, has come to be known as one who acts not in favor of the church and who holds opinions at odds with what is generally accepted. As a Traditional/Folkloric Witch, I find these terminologies suite me just fine and using them doesn’t take from the fact that the Devil is with me or I with Him.

In my strong opinion, Satanism, actual Satanism, is what is presented in the teachings of Anton Szandor LaVey and the Church of Satan. Anything claiming to be Satanism that is independent from the Church of Satan is nothing more than a parody. LaVey and the Church of Satan were the first to bring Satanism forward into the modern world. They set the grounds for what everyone calling themselves a Satanist today, including those calling themselves Theistic Satanists, base their practice upon, even if they realize it or not. The majority of Theistic Satanists incorporate what LaVey has given, such as, ritual structure, demonic hierarchy, satanic phrases and words, into their practice, yet remain ignorant of this fact.

Some Food for Thought:

To invite Him into your life as Satan doesn’t make you a Theistic Satanist. Nor do you need to subject yourself to the dogma and drama of a “religion” such as Theistic Satanism, in order to honor, worship, or work with the Devil and whatever name you chose to acknowledge Him by. Don’t force yourself to join a Satanic group or follow someone to honor Him. I wish that authentic Devil worshipers would stop clinging and fighting for titles such as Theistic Satanist. Allow themselves to break free, expand their knowledge outside the confines of Theistic Satanism and aim their focus on their practice and connection with the Devil in all of His guises. Satan doesn’t need a religion. Religion restricts, dictates, preaches, threatens, and deceives. Religion takes you away from your personal connection with deity. Satan opposes religion. If Satan is freedom, if He has given free will, then why would He want His devotees to create a religion? Why would Satan want His chosen to form clergy, conducting as the Church does?


By Kindra Ravenmoon


Did I Block You? Get Over It!

I don’t understand why some people can’t move forward after being blocked from an online “friend’s” social media. Seriously, get over it!

Rarely do I feel the need to block someone I am in contact with through social media. For the times I had to perform such action, the decision to do so was not a random one. I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. Due to the fact, some whom I had to block in recent months still appear to be butt hurt over it and have been scapegoating me for things gone wrong within the hubs in which they congregate. Such things which I have never been a part of, nor wanted to be, yet they continue to associate my name within it. I’m talking about Facebook groups and the silly notion of a communal Satanic “community.” If you are interested, I have a blog article about my thoughts on the concept of “Satanic Community” (which I have recently re-shared within some of my social media haunts).

*More on why I have disassociated myself with using the titles: Theistic Satanism and Satanist within my social media haunts; will be explained in another blog post.

What most don’t seem to realize or maybe in some cases chose not to acknowledge is that I don’t only hold an Old-World “Satanic” mindset but, I am also a misanthrope. I don’t care that some people might be hurt to the point of retaliation toward me because I have blocked them on social media. The reason why I have written this post is so to make my point and reasoning clear. I might not care much for the human race in general, but if I happen to purposely hurt someone (in this case by blocking them), I wish for those whom I have hurt to get it straight as to why I have barred them from my energy and time within the virtual realms.

Reasons why I blocked you:

1– I found out from more than one source that you have been jabbing me behind my back. In such cases, the evidence would have been shared; with me. 

2– I don’t like people in general. Most people you know, I probably do not like BUT, I did not unfriend you because you are “friends” with people I do not like. I unfriended you because you support those who have tried to discredit my name. Those who you know have viciously attacked me, or you even knew of the conspiracy said attacker/s organized towards me and YOU never gave me a heads-up. or tried to sway them before they executed their plan. As an ally/friend, I have been there for you, no matter how big or trivial the need. It is insulting that you have chosen not return the same courtesy and have proven to be less of an ally/friend. I highly disrespect a lack of integrity, respect, and loyalty. For some of you, I had stood up for you when you were attacked/bullied. I had always supported you in one way or another. For those it applies, I have also promoted your work, and YouTube, or other. Even encouraged others to help you out. But, when you idly stand by and do nothing to help me or stand in my defense, and even side with those attacking me, you bet I will no longer consider you a friend/alley nor value you. I have every right not trust you, feel betrayed by you, and don’t consider you safe to engage with my energy and time. 

3– You’re always in the center of drama. You instigate drama and continuously play victim after you had stirred the pot. I cannot stand those who constantly whine, or hold a victim mentality, usually, it comes with jealousy and betrayal as well. Or, you might be constantly opening new accounts, or disappearing then reappearing, all the while it is found that you have been silently watching me and everyone in the shadows all along, like some creepy stalker (which equates as drama to me).

4– You’re trying to elevate yourself through my name by adding me to groups I don’t want to be in or using my name as a means to get people to follow you or join your groups. You don’t hold my best interest but wish to use me for the information you can obtain from me to rehash it for your gain, never giving me any credit. Also, while you’re trying to ride my coattails you do nothing to promote me/my work.

5– You’re racist and discriminate against women, gays, trans, etc. Also, if you hate and are cruel to animals.

In conclusion: I have never threatened or forced anyone to unfriend/unfollow someone I personally have a trivial problem with. If someone has felt otherwise, that’s on them, not me!

By Kindra Ravenmoon



The Devil, his demons, and spirits, often respond through synchronicities. More than not, coincidences are not the haphazard they appear to be. The universal mind, personified by Satanic Witches as the voices of the Master and the Lady, constantly offer guidance and presents opportunities. When these messages are acknowledged, wonderful events can unfold. But, when ignored, the flow of life just might take a downward turn. Valuable opportunities lost, leading to emptiness and regret.

How often have you later lamented not calling a friend? Or made a purchase when you knew it was right? This is the concept of synchronicity. Going with the flow of life and being observant. It is moving forward when events occur, and taking action when a situation feels right.

There is a special magick about synchronicity. Often it is interpreted as a sign or omen from subtle forces at work in the world around us. Satan and the demons will push your intuition to help guide you towards the answers you are seeking.. They will “synchronize” coincidences to keep you walking in the right direction. If you miss the subtle signs, they will make sure that the obvious is evident. When this happens, it is best not to ignore or deny what is being presented.

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon

*Synchronicity is a word coined by Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung to describe seemingly coincidental, yet meaningful events in the external world that do not have an obvious cause.

Jung defined synchronicity as an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle,” “meaningful coincidence”, “ acausal parallelism” or “meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”

Carl G. Jung (1960), Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Princeton University Press, 2012, p. 44..



Veiling is a practice among various peoples; it is one of the earliest mystical traditions. Over recent years a new movement of “veiling” within the eclectic world of modern witchcraft and paganism has drawn numerous adherents. This implementation, quite interestingly, has also begun to catch on with some practitioners of Devotional Satanism. In some traditions of Theistic Satanism, veiling has been applied for some time now.

What is veiling?

Veiling is the covering of the hair to deepen one’s spirituality. We can take this even further to say that it is the covering of one’s head, for, in some instances, the entire head is shrouded. For many contemporary witches, even those who are Satanists, both male, and female, veils aren’t only a ritual tool that is part of the ritual dress but is also worn in everyday life, away from the altar. Veiling most likely began for practical reasons, dating back to 2000 years or so ago. Nomad tribes adopted the practice for protection against the sun and dust. Moving forward, as communities developed, women kept the veil as a symbol of hearth and home. Veils became like portable temples, perched on the head. This offered freedom of movement and showed status, while simultaneously protecting the wearer’s identity. Followers of the classical Greek and Roman cults of Dionysus and Vesta would wear veils to shield their third eye, in order to maintain spiritual purity.

Oppression and Freedom:

As the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) made inroads, only prostitutes went bareheaded. Veils became a symbol of oppression. Eventually, many discarded the veil as a gesture of freedom. Then came along the Middle Ages, where the veil along with the wimple ( a high collar covering the neck and ears ) was worn again for practical reasons.

Historically the need to veil waxes and wanes, depending on practicality, and fashion, as society supposedly evolves. The gist of the message veiling conveys is assurance that one’s behavior doesn’t bring dishonor to either the community or ideally, oneself. A humble and modest life and a sense of community are created by taking up the veil. As per the sentiments of most wearers, veils offer a mysterious connection to something greater than the individual.

Brides and Nuns:

It was Saint Paul that equated veils with sanctity, protection, and an emblem, of marriage. Hence, the practice of veiling was maintained by brides as they began married life. Catholic nuns also maintained this practice, as they were considered married unto God ( in present-day, some devotional Satanists that veil consider themselves to be married in this same way, but to Satan).

In some cultures, veils were and are worn to protect the crown chakra and to ward off evil. Within some tribal spiritual African traditions, a cloth headwrap (a descendant of the veil) is sometimes worn to symbolize a crown. This serves as a reminder that all who wear it, are royalty or equal to royalty. In some traditions, this cloth is unwrapped while dancing during ceremony. This symbolizes leaving the mundane world to be able to venture into the world of spirit. In some cases to allow a spirit to possess the body for ritual purposes. Veils appear in Northern mystery circles, sometimes taken up by those who have pledged to follow Odin or Loki (to some Theistic Satanists, both of these deities are considered to be masks of Satan). Usually Nordic veils are red, the hue that stains the runes. Red in this sense, symbolizes life’s blood, good luck, good fortune, and high magick.

Modern Witches and Satanists Who Veil:

More and more witches and devotional/spiritual Satanists are incorporating veiling into their practice. Satanists veil for several reasons; to stay focused in prayer, as a way to shift from the mundane conscious to a spiritual mindset, to symbolize entering into Satan’s kingdom, or as mentioned, as a status of having married oneself to Satan. Individual Satanists each have their reasons and interpretations of why they choose to veil.

As we know, the history of the veil comes with controversy and veiling hasn’t always been something voluntary. Those who chose to veil outside from the privacy of the altar space, sometimes, more often than not, experience negative reactions from others. Especially for the Satanic Witch or Warlock who chooses to take up the veil publicly, while wearing Satanic symbols; be wise in your decision to do so. Be discreet and mindful of where and when you out your veil and how you chose to wear it publicly. If this is the first you hear of veiling as being part of a Satanic practice, I recommend to try it out for at least a month. Take note how it makes you feel, how it does or doesn’t enhance your spiritual experience. It won’t hurt to try, the Devil loves to see you play (:

*(insert from my forthcoming book)

*Cover photo of me by photographer Laurence McHanes.

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon


Conscious Breathing

Any successful manifestation requires a clear vision. Whether this creation is accomplished with visual tools such as photographs, vison boards, or by constructing and expanding upon a well-honed internal vision, the foundations must be a clearly defined concept. Too often we are pulled in many varying directions or have lost our focus and connection with what it is that we truly wish to accomplish. Every human interaction imparts viable and useful information, but equally as well unnecessary “fluff”. Some of which does not roll off our back as easily as we might think.

The ability and practice of breath control can be advantageous for any situation- Change of job, relationship turmoil, familial bonds changing etc. Thoughts of change alone can be overwhelming. Emotion, guilt, duty, daily demands and dependent responsibilities seem to compete for rapidly fleeting and increasingly finite reasoning ability. Focusing on each individual breath, track the intake of air, following its path through the head and body, pushing energy along the veins and meridians. Visualizing existing pathways and flow within and around us can bring us back in touch with a place of discernment and clarity. A place where one step, one piece of the puzzle, can be observed, shined or adjusted or released. Trade the sand through your fingers for the solidity of now using your breath.

Quiet Mind

Breath training and practice can also benefit spiritual development. Desiring to delve deeper into your spirituality? Feeling a tug or call? The quieter the mind, the more accurately we may ascertain to whom or when we are being led. The more open our awareness, welcomes what comes. If that be good or bad, depends on how we conduct our mindset. Do you want to develop a closer more intimate relationship with the divine (Satan or the Demons)? Has an alternative healing modality caught your interest? Want to strengthen your energy manipulation skills? Focused breath uses will as fuel and direction for your purpose. Aspire to connect with another person, spirit, or group on a deeper level? It is a special and absolutely sacred experience to breath, feel, and share that force of life with another, or with entrusted others.

A simple exercise to bring awareness to breath, and breathing, is to sit or lie on a comfortable surface, close your eyes, and inhale through your nose for a count of 8. During that moment, feel the air and the action of the diaphragm. Now hold this breath for another count of 8. Then through the mouth, exhale slowly (should take another count of 8). The very simple technique, grounds you in the moment, connects you to the now. This can be used in conjunction with mind-clearing exercises. Also, this could be used in body relaxation exorcises- Starting at the toes, point, and flex each muscle group while directing attention and breath to the area being worked upon, ending with the head. Or., use breath focus for chakra alignment (begin at the root and work up to the crown). There are many varied practices both for mundane and for spiritual which may be enhanced by a developing a routine of conscious breath.


Meditation is key to well being and to any spiritual practice. It is one of the main tools a Satanic Witch or Warlock could use to develop their growth and connection upon the Path. Meditation is one way in which a person may utilize intentional (conscious) breathe and breathing. Meditation is a way of training the brain to tune into varying levels of consciousness. It can help establish and foster a beneficial connection between mind, body and spirit. There are several different methods of meditation. Find the one that is right for you and for the purpose you are using it for. Very powerful magick is often conducted through visualization ,while conducting breath work while in a meditating. This is the core base of traditional folkloric witchcraft.

Copyright KIndra Ravenmoon


Satanic Prayers in Latin

Since the beginning of 2022, I have slacked in producing new material for this blog, but I don’t apologize. I have been on sabbatical putting together two works that will serve the Theistic Satanic collective well. I do thank you for your patience and interest.

Know that I will be sharing new material for this blog in the upcoming days and throughout this month. For today though, I wish to bring to light a hidden gem that has been buried deep within the layers of the realm known as YouTube. As the saying goes, you need to shovel through a heap of manure before you find the treasure-Or something like that Lol!

Any devotional Satanist will appreciate In Nomine Inferno Tuo, O Satanas. This channel features Satanic prayers created and narrated by the channel’s host, the English translation is also provided. Also shared are some movie clips of films that lend some Satanic inspiration. In Nomine Inferno Tuo, O Satanas doesn’t upload often but never disappoints when he does. Quality always wins over quantity. 

Click on the link below to experience one of these heartwarming prayers to our Dark Lord. After taking in this prayer, I encourage you to subscribe and check out the rest of what this awesome little channel has to offer. Supporting authentically devoted Satanists is how Theistic Satanism will strengthen and continue to rise above.

Satanic Blessings, Kindra Ravenmoon.


Bad? Good? Demons & Angels-What Happened?

The words devil and demon are not English words by origin, but were borrowed from Greek. The English word demon was taken directly from the Latin daemon, which, in turn, goes back to the Greek daimon or daimonion. In Pagan Greece, a demon was a kind of immaterial or spiritual Being who occupied a position in the universe somewhere between the realm of humanity and that of the gods, and could travel and exist into either realm. Demons also were believed to serve as intermediates between humans and gods, relaying messages or demands from either party to the other. It was at one point believed that a mere human could not directly communicate with the gods and needed to commission a demon to relay their requests. With this in mind, it must be noted that demons were always regarded as having their own minds and could not be controlled, they acted on their on accord. A demon could either chose to aid a human or not, they were and are not simple messengers. In ancient times, demons were not seen as malevolent, they were either benevolent or indifferent towards humanity.

The Greek word daimon was also barrowed into Latin as diabolus. As Latin evolved into French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, the Latin word became diable in French, diablo in Spanish, diabo in Portuguese and diavolo in Italian. Like many things, the meanings of the words demon and devil were greatly changed and were poisoned by the coming of the monotheistic religions., Judaism and Christianity. The Hebrew scriptures (including some books that the rabbis would later reject) were translated into Greek by Greek speaking Jews, this took place as early as the 4th century, before the Christian era. This old Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible is usually known as the Septuagint. It has an enormous influence on books of the New Testament, which were also written in Greek. In the Septuagint the kind of spiritual Being that the Pagan Greeks referred to as a demon, identity became twisted. The name demon (daimon or daimonion) was still used but more often, however, became interchanged with the work angel (angelos). The Greek word angelos simply means messenger and it originally, according to the ancient Greeks, referred to ordinary people who carried messages. When applied to demons it, the word emphasizes upon only one of the functions these Beings have. It became forgotten that demons act upon their own will and not the will of humans, unlike angels who act upon the will of Yahweh or any powerful magi who is able to control them, angels do not act on their own accord. In the Septuagint, as in the New Testament, the similarity noted between angels and demons is that they each hold no moral difference. Each can behave in manners and preform acts, that can be seen as being either “good” or “evil” It must be noted that despite the popular belief that angels are good because they are “Yahweh/Gods” messengers and that demons are the evil messengers of the Devil , has no basis in the Bible. This misconception is a Christian and Jewish belief that developed much later on.

Demonizing the Old Gods: For monotheists, the many gods and goddesses of the Pagan Greeks could not be thought of as actual Gods, but had to be called by some other word. The early Christians, like the Jews, had no doubts about the existence of these gods, but they saw them as subordinate Beings under heir One God. Since the word demon originally referred to spiritual Beings subordinate to the Pagan Gods, Jewish monotheists extended its range to cover Pagan Gods as well “For all the Gods of the Pagans are demons”, so claims the Septuagint (Psalm 95:5). *In Hebrew and English Bibles, this is Psalm 96:5. Christians soon followed suit, beginning with Paul “Pagan sacrifices before images of their Gods are sacrifices to demons (daimonia), not to God” (I Corinthians 10:20). Christians were to shun these sacrifices, which are a form of idolatry, as hey would shun any sin. Basically, it is jumped to the notion that all Pagan Gods are evil Beings, and one small jump further turns every demon into an evil Being. And, this is in brief why demons are popularized even today as being “bad” and anything dealing with angels to be “good”

In Summary: Demons, have been with us almost since the dawn of time, the Beings known as angels came into existence during the rise of monotheistic religions. Many new to the occult today, tend to confuse angels and demons as being the same type of spiritual Being, even some, who have been upon the study of the occult sciences for many years, tend to make this error as well. From the above article, we can see where this confusion came about and how those in today’s modern age, looking for answers within the realms of the occult, can make this mistake. Religious authorities throughout the centuries have always found ways to twist and bend the ancient myths, along with the meanings of various terminologies, so to suit their religion’s structure and stories. How the original meaning of what a demon is and how it has become degraded, is a great example. For the record: Demons and angels might be Beings that ride upon the same frequency, however, this does not mean that they are the same species. Demons hold their own intelligence, their own mind, and will. Demons are primal. Angels hold none of this, their existence when compared with demons, is rather new. It is the false teachings and lies of the three dominant monotheistic religions of this world who falsely claim demons to be evil and inferior. With proper research into occurrences within ancient history and myth, pre-dating these religions, one can see through the lies told by these religions. Demons are divine, meaning that they are godlike, in some cases, depending on the demon, can be seen as lesser gods (know that some claimed to be demons, were once known as ancient gods, but got “demonized” by monotheistic religions, while others always have been actual demons). Demons have been around since the beginnings of the Earth, they are before and above humanity, but are slightly under the primordial Gods (which are few).

*This article is from a section of my upcoming book on Satanism and Witchcraft. It has also been previously published as part of my work in a scholarly journal, and was presented in my book “Faces of Lucifer”.

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The Devil’s Familiar

Phantom black dogs are sometimes considered to be benevolent, however the most common belief is that they hold a more sinister aspect. The black dog omen, be it benevolent or malevolent, depends upon where and when the dog appears. These esoteric creatures are known to frequent crossroads and places where an execution/murder has taken place. It is said that you are most likely to encounter one of these dogs if you are out in the night during an electric storm.

Black Dogs In Association With The Devil: In Germany as in Scandinavian lands, the witches in the Highlands, believed the black dog to be Satan, Himself. In most parts of the British Isles, the black dog is seen as the Devil’s familiar. Since witches were believed to be in league with the Devil, it is possible that in distant past, people believed that witches shapeshifted into the Devil’s form, a black dog or rode upon black dogs to travel to the Witches’ Sabbat.

Omens of Death: In Welsh mythology, Annwn are the spectra hounds of the Otherworld. Hearing the hounds on the mountain of Cadair Idris (a mountain near the town of Dolgellau) foretold your death. According to Welsh folklore, these hounds sound loudest at a distance, becoming quieter as they draw nearer. In East Anglia, the black dog’s name is Black Shuck. He has only one eye, placed in the middle of his head. He haunts dark lanes and deserted field footpaths. Black Shuck’s paws are silent as they walk the ground, you know he’s around by the sound of his howl. Legend states that if you encounter him, you will die within the year, but if you shut your eyes before he appears, you will cheat death’s grip, avoiding your demise. According to the legends of the Maldon and Dengie area in Essex, your death will occur immeditatly if you encounter this creature, there is no saving yourself by closing your eyes.

As Psychopomps: Spectral black dogs can also be guides to the realm of the dead. Their role isn’t to cause death but rather to escort souls of the newly dead, to the afterlife. A well known example of this, would be the Egyptian god Anubis. Anubis attends the weighing of the heart which determines weather or not a soul is allowed to enter the realm of the dead.

The Guardians of the Underworld: Black dogs are known to be the guardians at the entrances of the Underworld or land of the dead. An example taken from Greek mythology, would be the three headed watchdog of Hades, Cerberus. His job is to prevent the dead from leaving Hades. Hellhounds, are another form of black dog. They are not only the guardians of the realm of the dead , they also hunt down lost souls and guide them to their destination.

Protectors: Some myths and legends put black dogs as protectors, supernatural guardians. There are several stories of lost travelers or those walking through the country side who find that they have a mysterious black dog following them, watching over. In some cases protecting the person from those who would mean them harm.

Ghostly black dogs and black dog symbolism, myth and folklore go back centuries. Like most other black animals, the black dog is linked with Satan and in my opinion such an association should be seen as honorable. To know more on the black dog in folklore, I highly recommend reading “Black Dog Folklore” by Mark Norman”

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Queen of Death & Darkness

The Norse goddess Hel found her home beneath the giant ash tree known in Norse mythology as the Yggdrasil. This tree connects the upper, lower, and middle worlds together, as above, so below, as within, so without. Guarded by her faithful dog Garmer, Hel rules the icy-cold of the underworld, a place called Nifelheim. According to early Norse myth, this is where all dead souls either spent their afterlife in burial mounds, which were watched over by attendants of Hel or these souls joined the goddess in her murky domain. In later legends, heroes, slain in battle, were rewarded by Odin with a new life spent in the halls of Valhalla and all those who died by other means or not chosen by Odin, were met by Hel in the Underworld.

According to myth, Hel is sometimes presented as being harsh, greedy, and cruel but she mostly is displayed with a character that is indifferent to the concerns of both the living and the dead. She can be quite aloof. Her appearance can either be with having one side of her being in flesh and the other side skeletal. Or, she is half corpse-blue and half flesh-colored. Either-way her appearance is of a gloomy downcast. As being the Queen of Hel/Hell and of Death, Hel is often seen by scholars as being a face of Lilith.

Some Properties, Powers, and Associations with the goddess Hel:

*life, death, and rebirth *Necromancy *manipulation of ice and the elements of water and earth *manipulation of death and disease * healing *astral travel and the realm of dream *induces sleep *divination *animal communication *protection and returning to sender, also revenge. Animals associated with: dog, wolf, snake, raven, crow. Herbs and Flowers associated with: rue, wormwood (considered a poison plant), plantain, red rose, trees-elder + yew, belladonna (poisonous), henbane (poisonous).

As with the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades, whose name and home bore the same name, we can take from Hel the English word “Hell” . Hel from an Old Norse root meaning “covered” or “concealed” Hel’s underworld is described as gloomy, but it is not a place of torment and torture. There is no concept of punishment for earthly sins. It simply is a place for those who do not belong anywhere else. Linked in kin with Hel and her underworld were the fierce wolf Fenrir and serpent Jörmungandr (world serpent). All three were fathered by the Norse god Loki, known to be handsome, sly, and dangerous. According to an oracle, Loki would eventually bring the downfall of the Gods and the victory of chaos, as the world ends. Loki in this sense is highly anti-cosmic.

This is just a short insert to lend something different to this blog. Satanists can find Satanic elements through the dark characters of myths such as this, plus it always makes for an interesting read.

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The Power of Horns & Satan as The Horned God of Antiquity

The greatest temple ever built was that of Karnak in Ancient Egypt. It was in honor of the horned god Ammon-Ra, who bore the curling horns of the ram. The attribute of horns as a symbol of power was widespread throughout the ancient world. Many Egyptian deities were depicted with horned headdresses. In Ancient Crete, to set up a pair of horns was a sign of a sacred place. The oldest known representations of masculine deity, are the painted pictures of horned ithyphallic figures found in caves, dating back to the Stone Age. The connection between this most primeval of gods, and the sophisticated, wide-ruling deities of Ancient Egypt, is far stretched, but quite clearly traceable. This stretch continues and reaches out again to the Great God Pan, who is often associated with the witches’ Devil – Satan! And, also to the Celtic Cerrnunnos, “The Horned One” (another title bestowed upon Satanas). As Cernunnos, He was worshipped in Celtic Europe and Ancient Britain. Many horned god statues have been discovered in Britain, and a temple to Him (Satan) as Cernunnus stood upon the site of the Church of Nortre Dame in Paris. Reaching into the witches’ Sabbat, the horned god is addressed by various names: The Devil, Auld Hornie, Nick, Clootie, Pan, and of course Satan (Satanas/Sathanas, or Lucifer).

Horns represent sacredness, power, and protection. They also stand for illumination and gnosis. On the Continent of Europe, horns were, and still are, an extremely popular amulet against the “Evil Eye”. The idea that there is something magical about horns derives from a very distant past, the time before humans discovered agriculture. When our remote ancestors, the primitive hunters, roamed the land in search of wild game for food. It is of no surprise why Satan has been reflected as being a horned god, why he appears to many of His devotees, as being horned. As being the horned god of the witches, Satan has absorbed the attributes, the characteristics of several horned gods created by the pagans, also by more modern man.

Satan as the horned god is the masculine side of Nature (His bride, the Goddess, who also goes by many names, is the feminine side ), and his current runs through this planet. He is the ruler of this world and of the Underworld or Otherworld. He opens the Gates of Life and Death, that which is born through the Gate of Life must return through the Gate of Death when the time comes to leave this plane of existence. It was the grass-roots of antiquity, of the old Horned God, that made the acknowledgment of His existence survive, when more sophisticated god-forms were forgotten. He was from the morning of the world, deep down in the memory of humankind, among the primeval things. The impression of Satan as being a horned god has lasted longer because it is deeper.

*This is part of an insert from a chapter in my upcoming book on Satanism and Witchcraft, also parts of this have already been published in my books “The Faces of Lucifer” and “Natural Satanic Witchcraft”

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Tarot Message For You

Pulled these cards for you today: A door is opening, providing a new beginning for you. A new opportunity and a choice is presented. It branches off on either side, into several different directions. A decision will have to be made. There’s no in between, you must choose one and stick with it.

Cards used are from The Flux Arcana Tarot, by Micah Ulrich.

Reading by Kindra Ravenmoon

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Expressions Used in Satanism.

Hail Satan! A common phrase used by many Satanists, in order to express their dedication to Satan. This is an expression used by both atheist and theistic Satanists alike. Many Satanists from both denominations will also use the term Ave Satanas, or both of these together: Hail Satan! Ave Satanas! Know that Ave Satanas (also found as Ave Satana or Sathanas) equates to the same meaning as Hail Satan, it is simply a Latinized version.

Hail Satan, is not a modern invention, it actually is documented as far back as 1808, and found in a poem titled The Monk of Cambray. The poem is about an “evil” monk who makes a pact with Satan so to advance within the Catholic Church in order to become Pope. Ave Satanas (and its variant spellings) appears often in literature throughout the 1800s. Popular mentions still known in present day, would be the play titled “St. Clement’s Eve” (1862) and the novel titled “The Sorrows of Satan” (1895). In more modern times, the 1967 book “Rosemary’s Baby” , which later became a movie (classic), used Hail Satan. This made an impression upon Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan ( founded 1966). The Church of Satan also embraced the Latin version, Ave Satanas and would follow it up with Rege Satanas which translates to “Reign Satan”

Another term made popular by the Church of Satan but is used only by a few Theistic Satanists, is Shemhamforash. This is said at the end of every ritual and prayer, and is usually stated after Hail Satan; Hail Satan! Shemhamforash! Shemhamforash caught on with some modern occultists who might not work with Satan but will use in it alignment with other gods and rituals. This is a term which I debunked on my podcast Devil’s Coven, last Friday, Shemhamforash, has nothing to do with Satan. This is a Hebrew term which means “the explicit name”, and refers to the Hebrew God, most commonly “Yehweh”. We can only speculate that LaVey used this term either because he thought it sounded good in a romanticized way or he really didn’t properly research it and was oblivious to the fact that it’s translation “the explicit name” referred to Yehwah.

The fact that Satanists from both walks have been and continue to incorporate Shemhamforash into their Satanic rituals, proves how lazy most people truly are. To now take the time to do a simple research on the terms they are using rather than just rehash and reuse such terms taking everything at face value because a known Satanist put it out there. Even well seasoned Satanists and those who have founded Satanic groups and Orders, can make mistakes or even purposely present falsified information just for sensationalism and shock value. Satanists need to be diligent and rely upon their own research, and personal connection with Satanas.

The final term I will touch upon here, is Nema. I sometimes get asked by those new to Satanism, what does this mean? Nema is simply Amen reversed. Theistic Satanists have always used this. Nema is stated at the end of prayer and Satanic affirmations.

More details on these terms and their origins will be found in my upcoming book on Satanism and Witchcraft.

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13 For The Devil

Negative superstitions have swirled around the number 13 for centuries, maybe even longer. No one can say for sure when this notion started, nor can we pinpoint exactly where it became linked with the day Friday the 13th, but there are a few speculations. Some believe this superstition came into play due to the fact that in 1307, the Knights of Templar were executed on a Friday the 13th. But if we really go back ,it becomes more biblical.

The story of the last super for instance, the dinner table consisted of 13 guests- Jesus and his 12 disciples. One of the disciples of course being Judas! This Last Super is said to have taken place on Maundy Thursday, and Judas betrayed Jesus on the following day- which was Good Friday. We can speculate that this is how the number 13 became associated with the day Friday, coming together to create bad luck.. For those of you who know the bible, you would have also noted that ,Judas was the 13th guest at the dinner table.

Because of the seating arrangement of 13 at the table during the Last Super, over the years, arose a Christian superstition that states, it is a bad omen to have 13 guest at a dinner table. It could even be in invitation to the Angel of Death.

Going deeper back into biblical myth; Friday is the day that Eve supposedly, had Adam take a bite from the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. Also, Cain is said to have murdered his brother Abel on a Friday the 13th.

With everything stated herein, it appears that Friday the 13th certainly is a very unlucky, “evil” day -For Christians! Lol! Non-Christian witches, Pagans, and Satanists have much to honor about this day, if they so choose.

13 is also a number with significance to witchcraft and hence also satanic witchcraft. Every 2 and a half years we have 13 regular full moons in the calendar year. The 13th moon is known as the Blue Moon. 13 is also the traditional number of a complete witches’ coven. Before a coven could conceive of branching off to create sub-covens, the initial coven must hold a complete number of 13 members. This in turn, makes its high priestess or high priest, gain the title of Witch Queen or Witch King.

More to be found on this and the number 13 as being one of the devil’s numbers, in my upcoming book on witchcraft and the devil.

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First Witch Killed In Satan’s Name

Agnes Waterhouse used to be a pseudo I used online several years ago, this was also my former pen name. Not once has anyone pointed out that this is the name of the first witch killed for allegedly being in league with the Devil.

In 1566 England, Agnes Waterhouse (1503-1566) also known as Moher Waterhouse, was the first witch executed for her dealings in the magical arts and also for keeping company with Satan. Mother Waterhouse was accused with two other witches, one being her 18 year old daughter, Joan Waterhouse, the other being Elizabeth Francis. All three women were from the same village, Hatfield Peverell. Mother Waterhouse confessed to being a witch and her familiar was her cat who at times turned into a toad. The familiar’s name was Satan, in the records of her case it is spelled Sathan. The familiar was said to have originally belonged to Elizabeth Francis. Agnes was brought to trial in Chelmsford, Essex, England and she was charged for using witchcraft to cause illness to a Willian Fynne, who died a year prior to her trial, November 1, 1565. She was also charged for bringing death to her husband through means of sorcery. Strangely, her daughter, Joan Waterhouse, had been accused of the same black magick crimes but in the end, was not found guilty. Joan Waterhouse’s testimony however, did help to convict her mother along with Elizabeth Francis. Agnes Waterhouse died by hanging.

Information from the trail records:

These incomplete records of the three women’s testimonies were written by a John Philips. Due to its peculiar significance, this case was deemed to be of great importance and therefore the queen’s attorney Sir Gilbert Gerard along with the queen’s justice of the bench, John Southcote, were present. The examiner was non other than the reverend Thomas Cole and a Sir John Fortescue, the seventh Chancellor of the Exchequer (1509-1603).

Elizabeth Francis was the first to be examined. She confessed to be the possessor of the familiar named Sathan whom she claimed, had received from her grandmother, Mother Eve of Hatfield Peverell. Elizabeth claimed that at the age of twelve is when her grandmother taught her witchcraft. Satan was said to be a small white spotted cat, who had been in Elizabeth Francis’s care for about 16 years before she gave him over to Agnes Waterhouse. According to Elizabeth’s statement. her familiar would do anything for her in exchange for a drop of her blood. It would speak to her in a hollowed voice and instructed her in the way of plants and other natural magicks. She admitted to stealing sheep and also to killing of a wealthy man named Andrew Byles, who refused to marry her after getting her pregnant. Her cat familiar “Sathan” helped her to rid of the unwanted pregnancy by instructing her on which herbs to drink so to terminate it. Elizabeth also admitted that in later years she did marry but became unhappy with the marriage so instructed the cat to kill her 6 month old child and make her husband lame and so it was done. Elizabeth Francis’s confessions made her the first to be accused but she called out Agnes Waterhouse on worst crimes making her own sentence lighter. This did not save Elizabeth Francis though, and in the end, 13 years after the hanging of Agnes Waterhouse, Elizabeth met her fate and also was hanged. What is extremely surprising is that several years later in 1579, a pamphlet was found, stating that Elizabeth and Agnes Waterhouse were sisters.

An exchange for cake, was the reason Elizabeth Francis gave when asked why she had given her cat familiar to Agnes Waterhouse. She reported that it was she who taught Agnes how to use witchcraft and work with the cat. It was the same witchcraft instructed to her by her grandmother Mother Eve. She told Agnes that she must call the cat Sathan and give an offering of a drop of her own blood with some milk to him, in exchange for doing her bidding or whenever he demanded it.

Agnes Waterhouse testified that she tested the cat by having it kill one of her own pigs, when she seen what the cat could do she instructed it to kill the cattle and geese of her neighbors whom she did not like. She claimed to have kept it in a pot lined with wool until one day she wanted to repurpose the wool so removed the cat from the pot and it turned itself into a toad. Agnes denied responsibility for any killing by witchcraft and placed all the blame upon her familiar.

Joan Waterhouse, daughter of Agnes Waterhouse, in her confession, stated that once while her mother was away, that she convinced the cat to take revenge upon a neighbor’s child for refusing her some bread and cheese. In its hollowed voice the cat agreed but only if she would surrender her soul to it, and she did. It is recorded that the cat turned into a dog with horns and haunted the girl. Because Joan admitted that she only used the service of the cat that one time with no deaths involved, this helped to not only condemn the other two women but also to free her.

The twelve year old, neighbor child in question, Agnes Brown was brought in for questioning, to prove or disprove Joan’s story. Her confession was the chef evidence held against Agnes Waterhouse. In her testimony, Agnes Brown described the demon that haunted her as being a black dog with horns and a face like an ape. She said it had a short tail with a chain around it’s neck that had a silver whistle hanging from it. She claimed that the demon dog would return time and again making demands from her but she would refuse. The last time it came to her it had a knife and threatened to kill her by thrusting the knife into her heart. What sealed Agnes Waterhouse’s fate was when the girl stated that she asked the dog who it’s dame was (it’s mistress) and he happily turned it’s head towards the house of Agnes Waterhouse.

Agnes Waterhouse was executed by hanging on July 29th, 1566. It is recorded that on the day of her execution that she begged God’s forgiveness which stirred up the question of her church habits. Agnes claimed to have prayed often by only in Latin because the cat forbid her to pray in English.

*This tidbit of history, brought about the first confessions of witchcraft by those being accused which then followed the first executions. in the name of witchcraft and the Devil This was the very first time anything of Satan and demons had been mentioned by those accused of cohorting with them.

What makes this case highly interesting is the fact that the women involved gave their testimonies willingly. not shy in admitting to their witchcraft. They seemed to be rather proud of it being a tradition handed down by their grandmother or grandmother figure. Agnes Waterhouse only denied responsibility for murder and placed all blame upon her trusted familiar. The cat, believed to be a demon, had been recorded within the records of this trail, to have sadly been put to death.


There is much secrecy found within this historical story. Much to read between the lines. For some quick examples: Cats, toads and black dogs all have a long history in English folklore and each of these animals link to witchcraft and Satan. The cat named Sathan, is said to be a demon, he has a hollow (hoarse) voice and is associated with shapeshifting at will into a toad. The demon Ba’el holds these properties and according to some demonic hierarchies., he is said to reign first under Lucifer/Satan. It could very well be that this cat familiar is the demon Ba’el or one of the lower level demons from the legions he rules over. Ba’el is often associated with being the demon familiar or patron demon of witches, according to some traditional witchcraft denominations. Another bit of interesting information to ponder over, is the fact that the knowledge of working witchcraft and making use of a familiar, is handed down by the grandmother, Mother Eve. You have to question, if Mother Eve really was a blood relative to the sisters, who handed down this information to one of her grandchildren who then passed it on to the other sister. But then why did Agnes Waterhouse not know of this grandmother witch and her demonic familiar before her sister Elizabeth taught her the ways of the craft? It could very well be that Mother Eve was a high priestess of some sort who Elizabeth was an apprentice of. Or was Elizabeth part of what now-a-days would be termed as being a witch coven? Either way there is much to ponder here, a lot found within these confessions go deeper than something which would have been blurted out under torture. In fact there was not much torture if any during this case. There is much which we can associate herein with witchcraft, the demons and Satan from a historical perspective.

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14th-Century Satanic Witch

14th-Century Satanic Witch

Dame Alice Kyteler, a lady of wealth with a high social standing in Kilkenny Ireland. Her name became known in the year of 1324, during the first large witch trial to take place in Ireland. This accused witch had been married four times and had inherited 3 of her former husbands’ estates. Her 4th and still living husband at the time of her trail, Sir John le Poer, is the one who turned her in, with the help of her maid-servant who had informed him that his wife was slowly poisoning him. Sir John forcibly took possession of his wife’s keys and opened the boxes and chests that were in her room. From what he had found was enough to convince him that yes , his wife was indeed a witch under Satan. He then sent the contents he had found to the Bishop of Ossory, as evidence of poisoning and witchcraft. When this came into the spotlight, Dame Alice’s stepchildren by her previous marriages joined in the accusations against her. They claimed that she used witchcraft to kill their fathers so to gain their wealth.

Surprisingly, many of the Irish nobles supported Dame Alice and opposed the Bishop. From the recorded accounts, given by Holinshed in his Chronicle of Ireland (London,1587), states that: The Lady Alice Kettle, whom the Bishop asscited , to purge herself of the fame of enchantment and witchcraft imposed unto her and to one Petronil and one Basil, her complices. She was charged to have nightly conference with a spirit called Robert Artisson, (this name also happens to be the pen name of a present day traditional witchcraft author) to whom she sacrificed nine red cocks and nine peacocks’ eyes. Also that she swept the streets of Kilkenny between compline and twilight, raking all the filth towards the doors of her son William Outlawe, murmuring secretly with herself: “To the house of William my son, Hie all the wealth of Kilennie town“.

At the first conviction they abjured and did penance, but shortly after they were found in relapse, and Alice’s companion in witchcraft, Petronill, was burnt at Kilkenny. Oddly there is no account of what happened to her other accused companion, Basil. During the hour of her death, Alice accused her son William, as being privy to the sorceries of her and her companions. After some torture, William was imprisoned for a period of three months, in which during that time the Bishop had ordered that Dame Alice’s , now former belongings, be searched. During this search a wafer of sacramental bread was found with the Devil’s name stamped upon it in place of that of the Christ. A pipe of ointment and a greased staff were also found. During her confessions ,Alice had mentioned about such items, stating that the greased staff was used for her encounters with the Devil, also to ride upon the astral and join in to the Witches’ nocturnal Sabbat rites.

This business, about these witches, troubled all of Ireland. Troubling even more was that Lady or Dame Alice was supported by the majority of the nobles, and lastly conveyed over into England, since which time it could never be understood what really became of her.

The account above, lends us some insight into the type of magical working Dame Alice and her coven engaged in. The sweeping of the streets to her son’s door is a good example of sympathetic magick ( low magick). Compline was the last religious service of the day and to conduct magick or ritual on any Christian religious holiday or “sacred” day or time, is a practice held by many Satanists from past and up until this day. It’s considered a blasphemous rite or thing to do. It also is relevant to note, that back then and even some old fashioned types today who hold true to superstition, believe it to be so know, that using a broom after dark was considered to be an action to call upon the Devil. The staff and ointment which were among Alice’s belongings are typical within the history of witchcraft lore and myth. The staff could have been either a Stang or a broom handle and the ointment would be the famous witches’ flying ointment which would have contained psychoactive plant materials. According to folklore, witches would rub this ointment on their genitals or in some cases on broom handles and insert it into them in a sexual manner. This is where the stories of sex with the Devil and flying on brooms come into play. The effects of the psychoactive plants in the ointment would aide the witch to enter into trance and between the realms to the Sabbat. The account about the sacrifice of nine red cocks and nine peacocks eyes is not to be taken literally, it actually refers to nine tail feathers of each. Note that especially with peacocks that their tail feathers bear impressionable eye like markings. Beautiful as they might be, peacock feathers are feared by many who hold to the superstition that they bring bad luck when kept in the home. When searching further to the root of this superstition, it is believed so because the peacock is considered to hold sinister properties and is associated with the Devil/Satan. Peacocks like Lucifer hold pride. In Italy, peacock feathers are called “la penna malgina” , and are associated with witchcraft and the Evil Eye. In the Near East, the obscure sect of the Yezidis, have been accused of worshipping the Devil under the form of Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel. Many Theist Satanists follow the mythological story of Melek Taus and this is one of the names still used today for the Devil/Satan or is highly associated with Satan’s aspect of Lucifer. The spirit mentioned to have visited Dame Alice nightly, Robert Artisson, is actually another name for the Devil or sometimes translated to be “The Son of the Devil” which in this case would make him to be Cain/Qayn/Qyain On a side note: Robert shortened in Rob and the name Robin (sometimes Robin of the Arts), is another title for the Devil/Satan.

(insert from my upcoming book on Satanic Witchcraft).

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