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I’m honored to be invited to join Anima Noira for coffee, and discuss Theistic Satanism and Witchcraft, this upcoming Wednesday, March 16th, at 11 am. We will be delving into the topic as presented in my forthcoming book and addressing your questions in the live chat.

If you’re not already, I highly recommend subscribing to Anima Noira’s YouTube channel, so to keep informed on other occult themed interviews, lessons in magick and much more.

Here is the link to set the reminder and join us this Wednesday, I’m looking forward to answering your questions there and then. I welcome you to share this link to the event. Let’s fill the chat with Theistic Satanists, the devotees of Satanas-AVE!

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Kindra Ravenmoon.

Don’t Let Fear Control You

Times are uncertain. There is a lot of tension in the atmosphere, not just in your environment but worldwide! Everyone is feeling the intensity as it escalates. Now, to add to this behemoth of fear and paranoia, war has broken out with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Even if; this does not affect you on a personal level, within the societal, also the cosmic, mindset it does.

I have noticed how this escalating atmospheric tension has been affecting almost everyone. Especially; those within the bubbles of the online Satanic collective, where normally tension simmers. It appears to be boiling over now. Satanists are venting out their anger and fears by creating mini-wars amongst one another. Yes, online Satanists hold this reputation, but, as of recent, they have been executing the negative “Satanic” stereotype to be true. Rather than confront the source, be it a person or something underlying within, those claiming to be Satanists are dropping negative comments under the posts of other Satanists. Some, who dare to present on YouTube, passive-aggressively within their videos, take out their frustrations towards other Satanists or situations. I’ve even seen screenshots shared from Satanists, who are trying to create conspiracies against other Satanists. Needless, to say, most claiming the title “Satanist” are behaving very un-Satanic.

Devotees of Satan, if you are, caught up with such negativity and drama, just stop it! Creating conspiracies and creating a snake pit online, as a form of escapism, isn’t going to change reality. It’s not going to help you or anyone become closer with Satan. What you are doing is stagnating your progress and spiritual growth. If you are a Satanist, focus on what you are doing and your advancement. You don’t need to bother with how another individual; is walking the Path. Put your focus and heart on Satan.

There is so much going on in the world all the time, and stronger now, at this moment. Don’t allow the weight of the world and what is going on in the news to bring you down. If you have tension building within, you are not happy with what is happening, go to Satan’s altar, or close your eyes and find His voice within. Reach out to Satan rather than go online and troll or hate upon someone. You don’t know what others are going through themselves. Everyone is, feeling the effects of what is going on, and nobody needs additional pressure. You don’t realize that the hate you put upon them might bring them to physical harm, or worst, depending upon their struggles. Really, think about it before you jump into conspiring against another Satanist or anybody. Does anybody have time for such drama? Nobody needs this. Wasting time with gossip and hate definitely; is not serving Satan. Are you an online hater, a mere troll? Or are you an actual Satanist? How strong is your connection and commitment to Him?

Some of you ask, why does Satan permit the world, His world, to crumble? Why doesn’t Satan “save us”?
Satan gives us free will and does not intervene with our decisions. Including the decisions made by world “leaders.” As I had stated in my book “Lucifer a Devotional” Satan doesn’t create war, famine, or illness, but He does overlook such events without interference. Satan is not a “Savior,” He will let you fall and watch you struggle, He will guide you through whatever, but only if you reach out and ask. However, Satan will not spoon feed you nor will He do for you what you need to do for yourself, on your own! Sometimes, Satan will set you up to fall so that he can oversee if you are able to crawl back up from the Abyss, what you learn through the experience, and how you will apply it. And because of this, it is up to the devotee of Satan to be strong, learn from their mistakes, and make their proper choices. As a Satanist, you need to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.
You may always seek advice from others and also discuss matters with other trusted Satanists, to help influence your choices. But, in the end, trust in yourself, your intuition, and always go first to Satan for guidance. Even if you think He isn’t listening, He is!

The Satanist Rev. Cain speaks of the three sins of the Infernal Circle, which are, Malice, False Judgement, and Arrogance. With the chaotic energy this recent world crisis has launched into the world, we need to take a step back. As Satanists, we cannot allow fear to rule us, nor the hate that stems from it. We need to be mindful not to fall into either of these Infernal Sins, which Rev. Cain speaks.

All the online bickering is petty and a waste of personal energy. Why should you put so much self-importance into unimportant matters when the real world is crying out? Be grateful that you are not in Ukraine right now. Our Lord Satan’s current holds compassion, self-preservation, and Satan himself is the denouncement of tyranny. Be proud to be a Satanist, be worthy to represent Him, carry forth His tenants.

We need to keep focused and devoted. Satanists. At this time, we need to send out positive thoughts and focus to Ukraine, but also to those Russians who have nothing to do with wanting this crisis. We need to be mindful and wise, not to hate’ upon one group while defending another. Don’t judge a person based on the politics of their country, or, the country of their ancestors.

Satanic Blessings-Hail Satan!

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon.

When Will They Learn?

I know that I posted this on all of my social media haunts, however, considering that what I put out has some power of influence, I felt the need to compile this vital message here also. What is stated below needs to sink into the heads of many of today’s Theistic Satanists. Mostly for those who are new but also some blinded oldies upon the Path too.

When are new Satanists and even a few well-seasoned ones, going to learn that Satanism is not a “safe space” Satanism + Satanists are not about love & light. Satanic Facebook groups are a breeding ground for hate and false information. Know that a post in a Facebook group even, if it is private, becomes material shared with an opposing group to create gossip, and worse, against the poster or source it originated. There are always spies, thieves, and jealous haters that pretend to be friends within the group. Also, some who join such groups are only posing as Satanists for whatever agenda they are filling (some are Christians who want info about Satanists to use it against them elsewhere or bring actual harm to an individual). It has always been this way since the early 2000s when Satanists began to congregate online. It was filled with drama, as it is now. And this will never change because herding into a communal structure is against the nature of the Satanist. Herd conformity and group mindset are what Satanism opposes. Excluding Facebook pages for actual Satanic Organizations. Random Satanic groups creating “safe spaces” or just trying to get Satanists to come together under one umbrella are not helping Theistic Satanism to be respected, grow, and be taken seriously. None of this is helping Satanists become closer to Satan or come into their own unique walk upon His path.

Online Satanists, who just don’t seem to want to get it, never learn and keep crying out for “Satanic Community.” Never acknowledging that such is an oxymoron. Satanism and Community are two very conflicting words. It’s like saying “war for peace” or “hate to bring love” it just isn’t logical.

Many Satanists, especially those new upon the Path, complain to me with great sadness about all the drama they see within the Satanic “community’. As for myself, along with several elder Satanists, we will tell you- “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SATANIC COMMUNITY!” Such a notion reflects the polar opposite of what Satanism is. The concept conflicts with Satan’s current. When these new Satanists and some blinded seasoned Satanists decide to wake up and realize this, the drama will end. Maybe only then will Theistic Satanists be able to make progress for Theistic Satanism as a collective.

*If I haven’t already gotten the reputation of being the Satanic “Witch Bitch”, this short article just might be the icing on the cake. I’m perfectly fine with it. Some things just need to be said and good seeds need to be planted – Hail Satan!

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon.

Is Satanism Racism?

Overall my years as a Satanist and author, I never thought that I would be presenting a blog article like I am offering to you today. I never felt it would be necessary, especially with how much more inclusive the world appears to be in this modern age, but sadly it is.

Back in the early 2000s, when the online occult was just awakening, Satanists began to congregate in online forums and chat groups. Just as in the Facebook groups today, it didn’t take long before egos inflated and clashed, with most everybody wanting to become a “Satanic Leader.” Henceforth, Satanic “elitism” began to sprout. Now, I, myself, in the past, have been guilty of titling as an elitist, but by no means did I, or most people sporting such a title, mean it to refer to bigotry towards any ethnic minority. To be “elite” meant to set oneself apart from and above the mundane herd, the conformists. This mindset is from the influence of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible and the Church of Satan (more on LaVey later). Unfortunately, a small handful of Satanists, and those claiming the title, also claimed to be not only elitists but the Satanic Elite. This minority of Satanists cherry-picked the Satanic Bible added with various occult writings and rehashed what influenced them into a Satanic form of National Socialism, no different from the Christian National Socialist view but under the umbrella of Satanism.

Keep in mind, that even though some of these groups are established, running strong still today, and claim to be Theistic Satanists, they are not in it for Satan, nor do their politics have any place in Satanism. Many either running or are members in such Satanic hate groups are Christian National Socialists. As they did then, they still use the allure of Satanism to gain members to set forward their political agenda. Sound familiar?

Politics should NEVER be a part of Theistic Satanism. It should be left out and set aside from our religion. Each individual has the right to vote for whoever they wish and hold whatever views they want, as long as they are not outright hurting anyone in any which way or form. To be inclusive and open-minded is what we all should be and strive to be. Political views should never be brought into Satanic groups or presented at Satan’s Altar. When politics are incorporated, it becomes about that and not about Satan. When racism and bigotry of any kind infiltrate the Satanic realms, those communities are no longer about Satanism and become a breeding ground of hate and deceit.

Why am I writing about all of this?
In recent days of this writing, several Satanists, have brought to my attention racist commentary and outright personal attacks happening in various Satanic groups. One of these attacks was upon a friend who was part of a Facebook group that I had recently left-prior any of what transpired. My friend was attacked by another member of the group, who is the leader of a growing Satanic organization. All she did was question the name of his organization because it is a name that holds a rooted history from the Nazi era of Germany’s jaded past. Rather than consider what she had to disclose on the topic, or take in what she was enlightening both he and the group with, this person called her ignorant. My friend is Jewish and also an occultist. She is well educated on the matter, especially considering that the society associated with that Satanic organization’s name, was a Nazi group that almost wiped out her bloodline. My friend always held a polite tone, never used profanity or racial slurs when addressing the group, and that Satanic org’s leader. In turn, she was blocked by the Satanic “leader” and the group disrespected, mocked, and gaslighted her. I am not just taking my friend’s word on this outrageous racist attack upon her, several screenshots from the before and after, of all that transpired were shared with me in private. A few involved in the said group felt that they needed this to be exposed and turned to me.

During this time, another friend informed me how she had been band, for standing up against racism in another Satanic Facebook group, with nobody in that group voicing out with her. Aside from my friend, the group chose to remain silent while its leader spewed that she will never allow anyone black in the group because black people are Christian and can never be Satanists. This same person also stated to prove her point, that there are no black people in heavy metal. Really? In the screenshots I was shown, this “leader” was posting images from Solomonic grimoires, claiming them to be ancient Satanic symbols and saying that a black person would never understand those “Satanic” symbols. Obviously, that ignorant maggot doesn’t understand the symbols she’s posted either Lol!

All of this is only a drop in the massive ocean of ignorance and hate floating around the Satanist and LHP Occult realms online also sadly some in the offline world as well.
Many of these hate-preaching groups and individuals who outright attack others who do not fit into their anti-Semitic and other racist views, for whatever reason, like to base their Theistic Satanic practices upon the teachings of Anton Szandor LaVey, especially from what he has written in his Satanic Bible.

Here’s a Shocker for the anti-Semites:

Anton LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey) (April 11 1930-October 29th 1997) had Jewish blood.
-Some of these racist Satanic groups, influenced by LaVey, like to copy his lingo and use Shemhamforash in their rituals. This is not only a phrase that is very anti-Satan, it is a term used to describe the hidden name of God in Kabbalah. Originally Tannaitic but includes Christian and Hermetic variants with even some more mainstream Jewish discourses according to what I have found in a quick Google search. Either way, it is a term that any racist probably would feel stupid for using, once they have discovered its origin. Anton LaVey did not only have Jewish blood but he also was not racist in any way so, of course, LaVey had no problem incorporating this into his Satanic Bible.

In Conclusion:
Satanism is universal, it has no cultural roots. Satanists are free to incorporate anything from anywhere, that will help them to learn, grow, be strong, and enhance their life upon the Satanic current. You can stem from any ethnic background, be any gender or nongender, and branched off from any religion and choose to become a Satanist. If we are to look back again at Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan, LaVey accepted all walks of life and had initiated all walks as Satanists. I use LaVey as an example because the majority of these racist groups, base their practice on his teachings. LaVey’s teachings did not discriminate against any ethnic group or minority.

There is no superior race. There are superior individuals though. Superior to those who chose to stay ignorant. We can say that true Satanists and real Satanism are superior or should be superior in mind., for it is not only inclusive, but it also strives to educate itself with individual Satanists striving to be free of all the negative stereotypes put upon Satanists by media and opposing religions. Online racists, calling themselves Satanists, who attack behind a screen, using their keyboards as their cowardly weapons, certainly are not helping Satanism to be taken seriously. Such racist Satanic groups are only feeding into the negative stereotype of how Satanists are perceived by the outside world. They also are making it all about them and their agenda to gain either popularity, profit, or both. They are steering everyone involved, their members and their victims, away from Satan!
Satanism, especially Theistic Satanism, should be all about Satan and the personal connection each individual Satanist has with Him.

Racist hate and hate in general stems from insecure individuals who don’t know their true selves. They need to build up a persona for themselves, a mask. Such people rarely act on their own, they need the comfort of a group, either of like-minded individuals or those whom they feel they can manipulate and poison with their negative ideology. They like to “herd” now how unsatanic is that. Their hate is spawned from fear, a lack of understanding, their inability to comprehend, and their refusal to expand their minds enough to educate themselves on a matter without being self-defensive. They rather cling to their delusions than admit they were wrong or think before acting.
Real Satanists are in it for Satan and do not waste personal energy on something as pathetic as hate. There is no logic nor justification for racial slurs, verbal or physical attack, or using offensive titles to appear edgy. No logic in trying to make Satanism a one-race religion. Such actions are not of Satan.

To those discriminatory racist Satanists who have a problem with skin shades other than white, did you even realize that Satan the Devil, is often referred to as the “Black Man” or the “Man in Black” and throughout Western European folklore He is described as having the blackest skin? There is so much more I could add but typing all which I have presented herein has been taxing on my pained fingers, so I will leave you this final thought;
Satan accepts everyone willing to face Him. Anyone who sincerely comes to His Altar. If anyone really knows what it is like to be discriminated against, it’s Satan.

*To quote T.C. Downey, in his video “I Want You To Hate Me” posted June 13th, 2010

“You don’t hate, because if you do hate, chances are, you’re on the wrong side of the coin”

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon

Satanic Prayers in Latin

Since the beginning of 2022, I have slacked in producing new material for this blog, but I don’t apologize. I have been on sabbatical putting together two works that will serve the Theistic Satanic collective well. I do thank you for your patience and interest.

Know that I will be sharing new material for this blog in the upcoming days and throughout this month. For today though, I wish to bring to light a hidden gem that has been buried deep within the layers of the realm known as YouTube. As the saying goes, you need to shovel through a heap of manure before you find the treasure-Or something like that Lol!

Any devotional Satanist will appreciate In Nomine Inferno Tuo, O Satanas. This channel features Satanic prayers created and narrated by the channel’s host, the English translation is also provided. Also shared are some movie clips of films that lend some Satanic inspiration. In Nomine Inferno Tuo, O Satanas doesn’t upload often but never disappoints when he does. Quality always wins over quantity. 

Click on the link below to experience one of these heartwarming prayers to our Dark Lord. After taking in this prayer, I encourage you to subscribe and check out the rest of what this awesome little channel has to offer. Supporting authentically devoted Satanists is how Theistic Satanism will strengthen and continue to rise above.

Satanic Blessings, Kindra Ravenmoon.

2022 Satanic Landmark (Happy New Year, Dark Blessings)

I know that I am a tad late with this post but either way, just wanted to wish everyone who sees this a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Devil’s road is not an easy path to walk, I admire those of you who have come out from the shadows, openly letting the world know that you are a devotee of Satan. To those who are unable to put themselves out in such a way, I truly understand your reasons. You would think that in this modern age, with ongoing fights for social justice, freedom of speech, and religious rights, that it would be no big deal to publicly claim the title Satanist. Sadly, for those of us who honor and worship the actual Devil for being who He is, a real sentient being, much more than a mere symbol, we are still not acknowledged. Actually, for standing out as being a true Devil Worshipper, we are ridiculed, and attacked, verbally but in some cases physically. Coming out as being an actual Satanist, one risks the loss of a job, friends, and even being shunned by family. Depending on where you live, coming out as a Satanist might even attract unwanted attention from the law. So I applaud those who are able to come out into the open, and I mean really come out. Not those hiding behind a mask and pseudo persona online. But, those who are open as Satanists in both the online and offline world, not hiding their face and who are making a good impression for Satan and Satanists in general. Those of you who have done this, are making more progress for Satanism than you can imagine. You are making a difference and setting the foundation for those who are not able to come out as of yet.

No matter where you are within your Satanism, if you have put yourself out there or are unable to, know that you matter. Satan called you to His path for a reason., honor HIm, forge your way forward. It is up to all Theistic Satanists to make a positive imprint of Satanism in this world, His world. It is up to us, to change how the outside world, how society sees us. Satan, and Satanism, deserves respect and be acknowledged. Know that as a Satanist, how you present yourself both online and off, is how the world will see Satanism and judge Satanists in general. Individual Satanists and Satanic groups, will never all get along, nor should they be expected to, however, as a whole, one thing we all should agree upon, is to strive that Satanism and we as Satanists be taken seriously. Wouldn’t it be an accomplishment if we broke the negative stereotypes and one day when filling out any sort of official paperwork such as a job application, renewing a passport, or something for the government, that in the section where it asks what religion are you, rather than marking “other” that Satanism would be an option?

We need to start with baby steps. What a better year to put the Satanic wheels into motion. 2022 should be seen as one of those years that is a Satanic landmark. Look at the simple numerology of it for example. 2022= 2+0+2+2=6 Now keeping this in mind and thinking of the month of June 2022, on the 6th day of that month would signify 666. The 6th day of the 6th month of the year 2022 equates to 6. Now many of us know that this number stems from the bible’s book of revelations, chapter 13, verse 18 and that the bible, in general, is all political. That 666 is the number to represent the Roman Emperor, Nero Caesar. BUT, considering for a great many years, preachers, musicians, filmmakers, and etc. have mistakenly taken 666 to mean Satan’s number, the number which all claimed by Satan will bear! It has become sort of a Satanic nostalgia. Okay, a stereotype but not that much of a bad one. Many modern Satanists have embraced 666 along with the regular inverted cross (thanks to black metal and horror film), which again most of us know the origin has nothing to do with Satan. The true Satanic symbol of blasphemy against the church would be the actual crucifix -but that’s another story altogether. The point I’m trying to make is that why not embrace this year as one of the Satanic landmarks in calendar history and make it a starting point to set serious goals to putting Satan and Satanism under a positive light in a world that only sees darkness upon us. 

Hope that everyone reading this has had a wonderful holiday season, also a very Satanic one as well. The above is just to lend some food for thought, something to play around with or be amused by. Enjoy! May Lucifer’s Light shine upon your 2022.

Satanic Blessings, Kindra Ravenmoon.


Bad? Good? Demons & Angels-What Happened?

The words devil and demon are not English words by origin, but were borrowed from Greek. The English word demon was taken directly from the Latin daemon, which, in turn, goes back to the Greek daimon or daimonion. In Pagan Greece, a demon was a kind of immaterial or spiritual Being who occupied a position in the universe somewhere between the realm of humanity and that of the gods, and could travel and exist into either realm. Demons also were believed to serve as intermediates between humans and gods, relaying messages or demands from either party to the other. It was at one point believed that a mere human could not directly communicate with the gods and needed to commission a demon to relay their requests. With this in mind, it must be noted that demons were always regarded as having their own minds and could not be controlled, they acted on their on accord. A demon could either chose to aid a human or not, they were and are not simple messengers. In ancient times, demons were not seen as malevolent, they were either benevolent or indifferent towards humanity.

The Greek word daimon was also barrowed into Latin as diabolus. As Latin evolved into French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, the Latin word became diable in French, diablo in Spanish, diabo in Portuguese and diavolo in Italian. Like many things, the meanings of the words demon and devil were greatly changed and were poisoned by the coming of the monotheistic religions., Judaism and Christianity. The Hebrew scriptures (including some books that the rabbis would later reject) were translated into Greek by Greek speaking Jews, this took place as early as the 4th century, before the Christian era. This old Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible is usually known as the Septuagint. It has an enormous influence on books of the New Testament, which were also written in Greek. In the Septuagint the kind of spiritual Being that the Pagan Greeks referred to as a demon, identity became twisted. The name demon (daimon or daimonion) was still used but more often, however, became interchanged with the work angel (angelos). The Greek word angelos simply means messenger and it originally, according to the ancient Greeks, referred to ordinary people who carried messages. When applied to demons it, the word emphasizes upon only one of the functions these Beings have. It became forgotten that demons act upon their own will and not the will of humans, unlike angels who act upon the will of Yahweh or any powerful magi who is able to control them, angels do not act on their own accord. In the Septuagint, as in the New Testament, the similarity noted between angels and demons is that they each hold no moral difference. Each can behave in manners and preform acts, that can be seen as being either “good” or “evil” It must be noted that despite the popular belief that angels are good because they are “Yahweh/Gods” messengers and that demons are the evil messengers of the Devil , has no basis in the Bible. This misconception is a Christian and Jewish belief that developed much later on.

Demonizing the Old Gods: For monotheists, the many gods and goddesses of the Pagan Greeks could not be thought of as actual Gods, but had to be called by some other word. The early Christians, like the Jews, had no doubts about the existence of these gods, but they saw them as subordinate Beings under heir One God. Since the word demon originally referred to spiritual Beings subordinate to the Pagan Gods, Jewish monotheists extended its range to cover Pagan Gods as well “For all the Gods of the Pagans are demons”, so claims the Septuagint (Psalm 95:5). *In Hebrew and English Bibles, this is Psalm 96:5. Christians soon followed suit, beginning with Paul “Pagan sacrifices before images of their Gods are sacrifices to demons (daimonia), not to God” (I Corinthians 10:20). Christians were to shun these sacrifices, which are a form of idolatry, as hey would shun any sin. Basically, it is jumped to the notion that all Pagan Gods are evil Beings, and one small jump further turns every demon into an evil Being. And, this is in brief why demons are popularized even today as being “bad” and anything dealing with angels to be “good”

In Summary: Demons, have been with us almost since the dawn of time, the Beings known as angels came into existence during the rise of monotheistic religions. Many new to the occult today, tend to confuse angels and demons as being the same type of spiritual Being, even some, who have been upon the study of the occult sciences for many years, tend to make this error as well. From the above article, we can see where this confusion came about and how those in today’s modern age, looking for answers within the realms of the occult, can make this mistake. Religious authorities throughout the centuries have always found ways to twist and bend the ancient myths, along with the meanings of various terminologies, so to suit their religion’s structure and stories. How the original meaning of what a demon is and how it has become degraded, is a great example. For the record: Demons and angels might be Beings that ride upon the same frequency, however, this does not mean that they are the same species. Demons hold their own intelligence, their own mind, and will. Demons are primal. Angels hold none of this, their existence when compared with demons, is rather new. It is the false teachings and lies of the three dominant monotheistic religions of this world who falsely claim demons to be evil and inferior. With proper research into occurrences within ancient history and myth, pre-dating these religions, one can see through the lies told by these religions. Demons are divine, meaning that they are godlike, in some cases, depending on the demon, can be seen as lesser gods (know that some claimed to be demons, were once known as ancient gods, but got “demonized” by monotheistic religions, while others always have been actual demons). Demons have been around since the beginnings of the Earth, they are before and above humanity, but are slightly under the primordial Gods (which are few).

*This article is from a section of my upcoming book on Satanism and Witchcraft. It has also been previously published as part of my work in a scholarly journal, and was presented in my book “Faces of Lucifer”.

Copyright Kindra Ravenmoon.

Winter Solstice Prayer To Satan

The Winter Solstice, (also known as Yule) marks the longest night of the year. For Satanic Witches and Warlocks, this marks the year’s final High Sabbat. A time of high frequency that makes it great for working magick, and also, working with spirits. Aside from a Satanist’s birthday, the Solstices, Equinoxes, Walpurgis, and Halloween are the most important holidays a Satanist may honor. Various Satanists acknowledge differing additional holidays, depending on the group, organization, coven, or individual.

Some new to Satanism, along with a few well-seasoned Satanists, that stem from a strict religious background such as Catholicism, might hold an offense towards this holiday season. In most cases, this is due to these Satanists failing to look past their association of Christmas with Christianity. Some, have trouble disassociating Yule with today’s neo-Pagan movement. They forget that the origin of these winter holidays was pre-Christian. Satanism is universal. It is not bound to any particular tradition or ancestral background. We are all birthed from the ancient Pagans of various lands worldwide, this includes the Christians. Nobody really knows the exact origins and celebrations of the ancient pre-Christian holidays nor the celebrations stemming from beyond other such ancient religions. It is safe to say that the holidays we honor in these modern times are an amalgamation of several traditions’ celebrations and beliefs. Today’s Christians and “New” Pagans have taken it upon themselves to claim and reclaim these holidays, dictating each, into the structure and belief system of their religion and spirituality. There is nothing wrong with Satanists reclaiming these same holidays. Celebrating in a manner seen fit to create a unique Satanic path’s traditions.

In my upcoming book on Satanism and Witchcraft, I elaborate more upon the Satanic Holidays. For now, I ask each Theistic Satanist to ponder upon this-Satanism is about honoring and celebrating Satan. Honor yourself, and in doing so, to not deprive yourself of anything if you can help it. Satan wants you to be happy, to feel joy, especially when celebrating Him, honoring Him at His altar. Throughout folklore and history, hasn’t it been noted that the Devil, likes a good party? Satan wants you to be free from restrictions, not to let the shackles of imposter, imposing religions rule you. He doesn’t want you to fall victim to their dictations. Satan wants you to rise above. Be free to indulge in all of life’s pleasures. This includes, good food, great rituals and celebrations.

This year, the Solstice falls on the 21st. Know that the dates of the Solstices and Equinoxes fluctuate anywhere from the 19th-23rd of the months they fall on. Solstices and Equinoxes are natural occurrences ruled by planetary alignments. These cross-quarter days that mark the seasonal changes, when compared to any other holidays, are the most natural and universal. These high-frequency periods affect everyone, both the magical and the profane, worldwide, even if not acknowledged in some special way.

Below is a Winter Solstice/Yule Prayer for Satan, that you may use when at His altar this holiday. Here is a link to a video I encourage you to watch. You will see why this entire holiday season is purely Satanic, how imposter religions denied it but then tried to claim it and why.

Satanic Winter Solstice Prayer/ A Yule Prayer for Satan

In this darksome time of longest night Satan I call upon you to be here with me. Father I am grateful for that which I have, I am not sorrowful for what I lack. You have bestowed blessings upon me, I am blessed for all that I have. Everything I have is yours, you have given to me, and anything I am in need of , all I have to do is ask. Satan, you always hear me, you listen to my prayers and fulfil my requests, if it is what I truly need. You are a giving father, but not for naught. I know that I must put in some work, all is not freely given.

Satan, this is the darkest of the natural cycles, your power is intoxicating. I feel you around me, in me, and beyond. Satan lend me protection during this dark time, guide me into the new year. May Lucifer’s Light shine down upon me, bringing me abundance, warmth, and growth in all aspects of my life.


Satan, I am thankful for my health and for the healing you bring to me. Satan, I am thankful for the roof over my head, you always provide the shelter I need. Satan, I am thankful for my chosen family (you may name specific people and or pets individually), may I lose those who do not serve my best interest, keeping only the ones who are my true loyal tribe. Satan, I am most of all thankful to be your child, your devotee. I will continue to do my best to serve in your honor.

The longest night has come, the wheel has turned once more. The sun has set, the earth’s asleep, the skies are cold as total blackness prevails. On this night of nights, I rejoice at your altar, embracing your total darkness. I embrace it all, all that is you, Satan! Master!, Father. I shed from my being, all that I no longer need, all that does not serve me, I leave myself open to receive your gifts. I am ready receive what awaits as the sun rises and grows stronger, after this day, after this night. I am vulnerable only unto you, take me Satan, take me as I am. Through the Black Flame you have implanted within me, I will rise above!

Thank you Father!

Ave Satanas, Hail Satan!

Ave Satanas, Hail Satan!

Ave Satanas, Hail Satan!


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The Devil’s Familiar

Phantom black dogs are sometimes considered to be benevolent, however the most common belief is that they hold a more sinister aspect. The black dog omen, be it benevolent or malevolent, depends upon where and when the dog appears. These esoteric creatures are known to frequent crossroads and places where an execution/murder has taken place. It is said that you are most likely to encounter one of these dogs if you are out in the night during an electric storm.

Black Dogs In Association With The Devil: In Germany as in Scandinavian lands, the witches in the Highlands, believed the black dog to be Satan, Himself. In most parts of the British Isles, the black dog is seen as the Devil’s familiar. Since witches were believed to be in league with the Devil, it is possible that in distant past, people believed that witches shapeshifted into the Devil’s form, a black dog or rode upon black dogs to travel to the Witches’ Sabbat.

Omens of Death: In Welsh mythology, Annwn are the spectra hounds of the Otherworld. Hearing the hounds on the mountain of Cadair Idris (a mountain near the town of Dolgellau) foretold your death. According to Welsh folklore, these hounds sound loudest at a distance, becoming quieter as they draw nearer. In East Anglia, the black dog’s name is Black Shuck. He has only one eye, placed in the middle of his head. He haunts dark lanes and deserted field footpaths. Black Shuck’s paws are silent as they walk the ground, you know he’s around by the sound of his howl. Legend states that if you encounter him, you will die within the year, but if you shut your eyes before he appears, you will cheat death’s grip, avoiding your demise. According to the legends of the Maldon and Dengie area in Essex, your death will occur immeditatly if you encounter this creature, there is no saving yourself by closing your eyes.

As Psychopomps: Spectral black dogs can also be guides to the realm of the dead. Their role isn’t to cause death but rather to escort souls of the newly dead, to the afterlife. A well known example of this, would be the Egyptian god Anubis. Anubis attends the weighing of the heart which determines weather or not a soul is allowed to enter the realm of the dead.

The Guardians of the Underworld: Black dogs are known to be the guardians at the entrances of the Underworld or land of the dead. An example taken from Greek mythology, would be the three headed watchdog of Hades, Cerberus. His job is to prevent the dead from leaving Hades. Hellhounds, are another form of black dog. They are not only the guardians of the realm of the dead , they also hunt down lost souls and guide them to their destination.

Protectors: Some myths and legends put black dogs as protectors, supernatural guardians. There are several stories of lost travelers or those walking through the country side who find that they have a mysterious black dog following them, watching over. In some cases protecting the person from those who would mean them harm.

Ghostly black dogs and black dog symbolism, myth and folklore go back centuries. Like most other black animals, the black dog is linked with Satan and in my opinion such an association should be seen as honorable. To know more on the black dog in folklore, I highly recommend reading “Black Dog Folklore” by Mark Norman”

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Queen of Death & Darkness

The Norse goddess Hel found her home beneath the giant ash tree known in Norse mythology as the Yggdrasil. This tree connects the upper, lower, and middle worlds together, as above, so below, as within, so without. Guarded by her faithful dog Garmer, Hel rules the icy-cold of the underworld, a place called Nifelheim. According to early Norse myth, this is where all dead souls either spent their afterlife in burial mounds, which were watched over by attendants of Hel or these souls joined the goddess in her murky domain. In later legends, heroes, slain in battle, were rewarded by Odin with a new life spent in the halls of Valhalla and all those who died by other means or not chosen by Odin, were met by Hel in the Underworld.

According to myth, Hel is sometimes presented as being harsh, greedy, and cruel but she mostly is displayed with a character that is indifferent to the concerns of both the living and the dead. She can be quite aloof. Her appearance can either be with having one side of her being in flesh and the other side skeletal. Or, she is half corpse-blue and half flesh-colored. Either-way her appearance is of a gloomy downcast. As being the Queen of Hel/Hell and of Death, Hel is often seen by scholars as being a face of Lilith.

Some Properties, Powers, and Associations with the goddess Hel:

*life, death, and rebirth *Necromancy *manipulation of ice and the elements of water and earth *manipulation of death and disease * healing *astral travel and the realm of dream *induces sleep *divination *animal communication *protection and returning to sender, also revenge. Animals associated with: dog, wolf, snake, raven, crow. Herbs and Flowers associated with: rue, wormwood (considered a poison plant), plantain, red rose, trees-elder + yew, belladonna (poisonous), henbane (poisonous).

As with the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades, whose name and home bore the same name, we can take from Hel the English word “Hell” . Hel from an Old Norse root meaning “covered” or “concealed” Hel’s underworld is described as gloomy, but it is not a place of torment and torture. There is no concept of punishment for earthly sins. It simply is a place for those who do not belong anywhere else. Linked in kin with Hel and her underworld were the fierce wolf Fenrir and serpent Jörmungandr (world serpent). All three were fathered by the Norse god Loki, known to be handsome, sly, and dangerous. According to an oracle, Loki would eventually bring the downfall of the Gods and the victory of chaos, as the world ends. Loki in this sense is highly anti-cosmic.

This is just a short insert to lend something different to this blog. Satanists can find Satanic elements through the dark characters of myths such as this, plus it always makes for an interesting read.

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