Full Moon Reflections (July)

Full Moon Reflections of the Left-Hand Path.

According to the calendar, today marks the last day of the traditional workweek (Friday), it is also the day when this month’s (July) full moon reaches its peak. There are 3 days of the full moon just as there are 3 days of its flipside, the dark moon, but more on the dark moon another time in another blog post.

While sipping my coffee after my morning meditation reflecting upon the guided full moon meditation I’ll be conducting on tonight’s Devil’s Coven podcast, my thoughts shifted towards the meaning of the LHP (left-hand path) and what it really means to be upon the Path. 

By default, Theistic Satanism falls under the umbrella of the LHP however in actuality Theistic Satanism is apart on its own, falling somewhere outside the confines of what the left-hand path and the right-hand path (RHP) are presented to be. Many who claim to be following the LHP in today’s modern occult and within the extremities of social media are not at all where Theistic Satanism lies, however as Satanists, we can associate with the core of what the LHP is by origin. 

The LHP is not a safe space to hide away from one’s problems, in fact, it is the polar opposite. Here is where you must face your traumas, face the inner demons which have been haunting you so that you may be able to rise above your former self, rise above what’s been holding you back, and forge forward.  If you are called to the path of Satanism know that Satan will not coddle you. He will test you and throw many hurdles your way, especially in the beginning.  The LHP will make you see yourself in a different way and change your view of the world. It will make you start to see things as they truly are and not all of what you come to the realization about is good. Some things you will come to find are varying facets of ugly. There is not victimization when upon this path. You don’t look for a safe space here, there are no “safe spaces” upon this path. Whatever happens to you, rather than allow yourself to be the victim or run away from whatever it is, you take it on full force. You learn from life’s bad situations, negative experiences, trauma and etc.  You indulged in the joys, love and laughter that come into your life and you learn from the pain, sorrow, and sufferings that befall you. The premise of the LHP is to allow yourself to venture into the darkness and experience it full force so that you will come out into the light. For the Satanist, you can always reach at any time reach out to Satan and He will guide you but again I repeat; Satan will not make all the bad go away, He will encourage you to endure it and make yourself rise above it.  Satan will not do the work for you.

Satanism aside, the left-hand path rituals of modern occultism, mostly those of modern Luciferianism, are designed and practiced so to constantly expose you to various traumas, to take you down so that you can rebuild yourself and desensitize in order to achieve self-empowerment and self-godhood. Satanists do not conduct such rituals nor do we buy into the concept that mere humans are equal to gods or should think that one can achieve such status. Satan is our god and no human, not even a devotee of Satan can be as powerful as He. 

With Satanism and the LHP in general, it is difficult but absolutely necessary,, especially in the beginning, to achieve and then hold a balance when it comes to studying and actually practicing. Apply knowledge rather than just soaking it in. When we apply knowledge with practice it eventually becomes a part of your everyday life, it becomes a part of your transformation. 

The LHP by origin is something rooted within the one that walks its path. It is not something that is meant for everyone nor could it be. It is a part of a certain individual’s existence and its transformation occurs within.  The LHP by origin is something rooted within the one that walks its path. It is not something that is meant for everyone nor could it be. It is a part of a certain individual’s existence and its transformation occurs within. Aesthetics plays an important role within the LHP and how you perceive the aesthetics in the world around you and finding the beauty even in that which outsiders might consider being bane. This is a natural observance within the individual and it cannot be something that is pretended or forced if it is to be authentically LHP.

The keywords which I will use to describe what the LHP is are:

Transformation, Balance, Gnosis. 

As I type this we are in the energy of the full moon in alignment with the constellation of Aquarius in What does this mean?

Full moon in Aquarius is a good time energetically for change and progress. For those who practice witchcraft it’s ideal for spells involving: freedom, creative expression, problem solving, breaking bad habits or unhealthy addictions and enhancing extrasensory abilities. It’s also good for conducting healing rituals for ailments of the calves, ankles or blood.

Traditionally according to the farmer’s almanac the full moon of July is known as the Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon. It is given these titles because it’s the time of year when male deer start to grow their antlers and it’s also known in North America as the month of Thunderstorms. Aside form whatever astrological association falls unto this moon one thing that never changes is it’s spiritual association. The Buck moon of July, Illuminates our sense of individuality and for Theistic Satanists we can associate this moon with Lucifer. Magically, use the energy of the Buck moon in rituals to obtain what you want. It’s also a great time to consecrate any new ritual tools or to change ritual tools altogether. Purchasing ritual supplies such as herbs, candles, crystals and etc. or refreshing your supplies altogether are best done during this moon.

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To Have Satanic Pride

To Have Satanic Pride

A devotee of Satan should take pride in themselves as they walk upon this path-His Path! Satan has called out to you, and know that it is an honor to be called by Satan. He chose you. As a Satanist you should do what it takes to be the best that you can be. Take pride in how you work and in your appearance and general hygiene, both physical as well as spiritual. To have Satanic pride is to take responsibility for your actions, words and how you appear as a Satanist. You have to remember that when the outside world looks upon you and judges you that you are representing Satanism to them.

Even if you have to keep the fact that you are a Satanist hidden, for whatever reason, this doesn’t meant that you should slack off. Know that sooner or later, if you want to reveal it or not, that people will find out that you are one of Satan’s own. It is best in such cases to have the upper hand by creating a positive shock value. People will be surprised, even doubt that you’re a Satanist because you are intelligent, polite, helpful and a well put together individual who doesn’t match the negative stereotype (even if you do listen to black metal for instance).

We, as devotees of Satanas, have a responsibility to break the negative view of Satanism.. We should not allow non-Satanists, especially Christians, to dictate to the world, who we are and who Satan. We can do this executed with tact and class. We as Theistic Satanists should prove that we are above the profane pettiness of the masses.

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Kindra Ravenmoon is an occult author, and Satanic Witch. Her path is Theistic and animistic with roots based heavily in Western European Folkloric Witchcraft . Having walked the Devil’s Left-Way Path since 1985 she has been and always will be, a devotee of Satanas. Part of the work that she conducts in Satan’s service is to share proper knowledge based upon her professional education and experience, to all who are called to His altar. Lending insight, inspiration, and motivation is what she wishes to accomplish for the benefit of those both well seasoned and who’s journey is new upon the Path.

Kindra Ravenmoon also hosts the podcast: ” Kindra Ravenmoon’s Devil’s Coven”, which can be found on Speaker.com. A new episode is uploaded every Friday at midnight (eastern time).The premise of this podcast is to provide a sacred space online where Theistic Satanists both spiritual and religious can congregate and be a part of the Satanic devotional current. Devil’s Coven provides Satanic prayer, sermons or topics of discussion along with Satanic meditation.

The blog posts presented within this site are a scattering of Satanic tidbits and are meant to be a compliment to both Kindra Ravenmoon’s podcast and publications. All herein is executed in Satan’s Service, in honor of Him!.